Comment on story at Crooks and Liars about Rick Perry's recent Harold-and-Kumar turn on TV: What can you expect of someone who's chummy with lunatics like televangelicals who think the world is only five or six thousand years old, that Adam and Eve walked among dinosaurs, and that Mary was really a virgin (at a time when an unwed woman with child was stoned to death)? Perry is loony tunes. Perry actually prays. He prays to the Jesus of the Prosperity Gospel, holding that Jesus wants us to become rich in emulation of the Koch Brothers, who are surely to enter the Kingdom when their camels pass through the eye of a needle. Perry prays to Gog and Magog, hoping to Rapture himself up to Heaven when most of the rest of us are surely going to Hell, there to talk to people like Voltaire while Perry gets stuck with folks like Tomas de Torquemada. A vote for Perry is a vote for Theocracy. Get out the stocks, cuz you will be locked into them if you fail to go to church, and if you blaspheme or express any godless thinking -- read: logic -- you will be stoned to death.

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Where is non-sequitur in replying to your claim that Obama is favorable to Islamic Brotherhood. I am sure you also believe he is not a U.S.-born citizen.  Show us your proof, you jerk.

Obama is President of the United States. You are an assumptive fool. Good luck getting Barry re-elected. It won't happen.

@Jim Rogers

"Interesting quote, that isn't."

What quote are you referring to?

"Here's a carrot, guys. You want more, go through Karl, and remember, you pay to play."

Not a real quote, but go ahead it is disparaging to Republican, so by all means disparage away.

When will Jimmy Carter auctioning off HUD grants the night of the election 1980 be mentioned? I'll guess, and say, never.

Can you tell the me the difference between neo-cons and paleo-cons?


Huntsman, despite being a Mormon, is perhaps the nearest to rational of any of the big names.  But our (New Mexico) former governor, Gary Johnson, is closer yet.  He's a marathon runner, very moderate for a Republican, favors legalizing pot, and isn't loudly religious.  So they won't even let him onto the platform.  Not that he'd get anywhere anyway.

I might vote for this kind of candidate, forget which party he's from.

To bad Huntsman doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination.

I actually don't think Perry has a chance of winning now - he did poorly in the debates. Cain has the sexual harassment charges that he avoided talking with reporters just recently. So -- that leaves Mitt Romney.
Yeah, and Romney never really stood a chance anyway.
Perry's debate litany of Romney's sins of switching ideologies became fodder for every stand up comedian in the country, and especially Saturday Night Live.  Colbert and Stewart did their versions.  "First you first you said...," &c.  The poor guy got his lines spooked.  He proved a high school play in the memorization department and it's surprising a former cheerleader would bungle his lines to this degree.  Bush didn't.  Cain will have to talk to reporters before long. Or get out, the way that phony Bachmann should once her husband's Medicaid-funding psychobabble scams were exposed.  (Where is Abel now that we need him?)  Gloria Allred is stalking Cain's butt and the only difference between that woman and a pit bull is that sometime the pit bull turns loose.  Yes, only Romney will be left standing.  And both the evangelicals and the right wing ideologues despise and distrust him.
That's right! I heard the jokes Saturday Night Live is doing about Perry and the debate. On the skit I heard Perry was blaming Cain for giving him pizza that had beer and drugs on it and he was using that as his excuse for doing so poorly.



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