Let me pose a question, Why is it that christan menisters preach about christians being persecuited. I don't see that in our day and time. Any comments welcome

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It's all because it's in the scriptures. And for the first 2-3 centuries of the church Christians did face some heavy persecution. Now they're in the majority, but the scriptures stay the same, so they got to look for it, inoculating the mind to view any alleged slight to their beliefs as "persecution".
In fact, there are states like the PR o' China and most muslim states (those which declare themselves as "loyal to the law of the Quran") where Christians are persecuted, churches burned, priests, monks, nuns and believers in general arrested and killed. With this labeled as martyrdom and a dead-sure ticket to heaven, these are the places to go for missionaries of any Christian Cult.
This gives me the sh1ts so much. They are pretending to be persecuted victims while persecuting everyone who doesn't believe in their creation myth. Another Christian lie.

It makes me cross.


I suppose we really need to challenge them by asking how they are being persecuted. Ask for an example. Define persecution for them. Really dig into their statement. If people feel persecuted it becomes their reality. I think it is important to show them how totally without persecution their lives are right now. They are picking up an old persecution from their religious texts and running with it.
Found a good pic on AN:

Before I can comment, please help me in getting my definition of persecution right. Which one you call persecution in the following cases?
1- Killing one or two persons in 10 years. or
2- Making everyday life of millions miserable but not injuring them physically or killing them.
Well, they are persecuted... they persecute each other on a daily basis.
And especially on a weekly basis.

But no, it's not coming from our neck of the woods.
They do enough of a job of persecuting and oppressing themselves that we wouldn't have to lift a finger, even if we wanted to.

But hey, if they really want to know what persecution is, we can arrange that... if they really want it.
You just persecuted the english language.
In this country it seems that if you don't get to choose the lifestyle and god for everyone else, then you're being persecuted. A friend coined a term for them...talibornagains.




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