Folks.... A friend of mine sent me the link to a site which in her words was her "WTF-site of the day"

Incredulous is the word! But I guess if one can believe one BS fairy tale, one will buy anything. (they even sell "After the Rapture pet care" t-shirts!)

A dilemma faced while putting this up is whether this comes under the "Comedy" category or just regular "Theism, Deism & All things religious". I don't find much to distinguish them. :-)

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It's more or less real, but it's been covered on A|N a few times already. At first blush, it sounds like good, clean fun, but I've pretty much decided that it's fraud. They're taking money from gullible people to insure them against something that can't happen.
So, they're making money of off this? That's so genius... How much money?
Bah! >.< I was hoping to sign up and make some real $$$
I especially liked the youtube video... I wonder whether they uploaded that with a straight face. Con-artists!
... awwwww... they beat me to it?!

This is infuriating!

Next scam then...
This is funny. The serial loser/fraud/spammer/plagiarist Bart/DromedaryLump looks like he's being plagiarised himself. At first pass it doesn't seem like he has anything to do with this - it's too literate and well designed a website. If it's not him - all I can do is cheer this on. Give the asshole a taste of his own thievery.
Yeah, but what a wonderful their he is!! I applaud him for plucking the low hanging fruit from the Tree of True Believers!
The website states that,
"When all the Christians on the planet disappear, there will certainly be massive confusion."
Elated perhaps - not so much confused. However, there might be some confusion when the average IQ in the US goes up by 10 - 15 %.
I'm not really interested in inheriting their pets but I might root around in all the stuff they left behind.




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