Last Friday morning a very sweet 36 yr old mom was letting her 15 yr. old son drive to school (he had gotten his learners permit), while his 13 yr old sister was in the back seat. Somehow, it's still being investigated, the son crosses the road and hit a large concrete culvert. It took over and hour for the "jaws of life" to get them out. Sister had brain hemmoraging and 8 broken ribs, Son has a broken ankle, femur, two broken wrists, and more...Sweet mom dies on the way to the hospital. Tragic is just such an understatement.

Less than 24 hours before this accident her husband posted to his facebook status that he was the luckiest man alive with the best wife, most awesome kids, and had everything he could have ever hoped for. He then thanked god for them and promised to always take good care of them. Precious, what a sweet thing his wife read and died knowing (she had replied).

Our community has been amazing. They've visited, started funds, set up meal schedules etc...wonderful.

Now here's the part that so pisses me off! I am so freaking tired of seeing crap all over fb about how "god is good...all the time!" This in reference to the children surviving the crash. Also sick of seeing "we serve an awesome god!" I mean goddamn people, he thanked his god for them in a very sweet and loving way and 24 hrs later she died a horrible and painful death. I think those two comments are just a cruel thing to say to this poor man.

I mean, do xtians really believe their own bullshit? Sadly, I think the do.....

Side note, I just almost can't stomach fb anymore with all the crap everyday about god, jesus, pray for me and then a hundred replies that say "praying," or "prayers going up." I just wanna puke.

Oh anyway...

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Without getting into a rant myself, all I will say is ditto!!!!

Sometime ago here on A|N, I mentioned that I found FB to be a monumental waste of time - other than checking on parties in a divorce case who have messages from their boyfriend/girlfriend. Makes for an easy settlement. Reading this post confirms my conviction that most of the things on FB are either:

1) A complete wast of time

2) People posting every intimate detail about their personal lives for every creep and nut job to see

3) Ignorant religious tripe for which I have no use

4) All of the above

As to the invisible friend who lives in the sky, all I can say is he must have been distracted by screwing up the point spread for a game Tebow plays in than giving a rat's bladder about an innocent family. Swell job, YHWH!!!

Totally why I'm not on facebook.




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