(Dec. 23. Los Angeles) The saga of the Santa Monica park continues. Ten days ago, I covered a story about how atheist displays bumped almost all the church nativity scenes out of Santa Monica, California's Pacific Palisades park where they'd reigned surpreme (and almost exclusively) for nearly 60 holiday seasons. This year though, the city used a lottery to assign display spaces to applicants and through the luck (possibly divine?) of the draw, all but 4 of the 21 spaces went to atheist groups.

Now, while the church groups involved cried "foul" and bemoaned the loss of their near-monopoly, not all was sweetness and light with the atheists either. Even at this late date, the groups that won the bulk of the park display spaces haven't been able to fill them all.

Enter PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) with a suggestion.

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Damon Vix, who was handling the displays for the atheist groups, said that the only reason they couldn't put up the display was because the request for a space came so late (on Dec. 23).

I'd rather the atheist groups didn't give away spaces unless they are to other atheist organizations.

I wonder what the criteria is exactly for getting a display?

 Good question.  I have to wonder how they keep (or if they do) for-profit organizations from attempting to get these spaces.

They should have put a small one up in the middle of the largest empty space saying  Enjoy the View! 




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