Petition for removing tax exemption from churches

Any other ideas for petitions that would benefit the nation or others for that matter?

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Well, my own to acknowledge the equal rights of atheists and agnostics is going to die in eight more days with a whopping sixty-nine signatures. Petition link I don't expect one to remove the tax-exempt status of churches - no chance in hell the government or the majority would permit that.

Signed yours.

Thank you for signing mine! I am signing yours as well. I shared here in an attempt to get as much attention as possible as it would be futile on my personal FB page. I would most likely be ignored there...While it seems at the moment nothing huge will be accomplished, I want it to at least be an ongoing issue presented to the government and the people so that maybe one day majority will flip around to our favor.

More than happy to sign that one. Thanks!

Thank you!

By the rules of the White House site, your petition will not be searchable on the site until it reaches 150 signatures, thus having access to social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, all those places I have no access to) and such sites as this are critical in getting those 150 first signatures, unless you personally know that many people who would sign.

My own petition is hampered by the fact I live in a village in Nebraska of 128 people, there are only three Internet connexions in town (including my house), and I know few people outside my village.

Man, this has been viewed quite a few times yet there are only five signatures on the petition (including my own). A little disappointed. I'd repost it, but I don't want to spam the community.

Well, the trick about getting your petition noticed is to send it as far and wide as possible. Posting it to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and asking all your acquaintances to repost it gets it more attention, and getting past that first goal of 150 signatures is critical. You have to be aggressive about spreading it.

Also, E-mail it to everyone you know, and ask them to forward the E-mail to everyone they know.

My petition is up to seventy, and it expires in six days. A good number of people who signed it are actually Christians I know who feel that discrimination is inappropriate in any setting. I am hampered by not being on any social network and living in a town of 128.

Even though I spread mine to the Secular Coalition for America and asked them to promote it, they did not. (And I am part of the steering committee setting up a state chapter in Nebraska.)

I am of the opinion that atheists get what they deserve if they will not stand up for their rights. No one will do it for them.

Kelly - I would sign but this looks like something set up for people with U.S. addresses and I am a Canadian.

Thanks anyway!

Signed gladly.  I'm sick to death of sprawling megachurches and parsonages which resemble the Taj Mahal and preachers who wear more bling than some rappers!

Enough is ENOUGH!

Thank you!




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