Petition for removing tax exemption from churches

Any other ideas for petitions that would benefit the nation or others for that matter?

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Signed yours, and signed James' 2 days ago.  Didn't know about these petitions until a few days ago.

Glad that you went ahead and signed both! Thanks!

Signed.  Hopefully this can gain some traction.

Thank you very much, feel free to share the link wherever you feel it might get a lot of views and signatures!

Signed for sure. Religious institutes and foundations should not be exempt from taxes. They make more money than they lead you to believe and if we would have been taxing them from day one we would be in a lot less debt than we are now.

So very true. Letting them off tax-free is certainly doing more harm than good.

My own petition is dying with only seventy signatures and only four days to go.

I have no faith in atheists standing up for themselves.

the top 5 lectures probably of all time.. well, my time on the Earth.. ; )

the Q's and A's at end.. if avail there.. are off the charts of mainstream. they're real questions about charity, system etc..

to change anything he said "get elected"


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