Petition makes it to forty-six signatures (sigh)

Well, it doesn't look like my petition on the White House petition site is going to gain any traction.

Perhaps that's why the Democrats say they do not view the non-religious as a constituency. The act of signing a petition which simply asks the administration to acknowledge our existence and our freedoms as guaranteed in the Constitution is apparently too much.

Yes, I am disappointed. The petition will drop dead on January 10 if it doesn't get twenty-five thousand signatures. It needs one hundred fifty to become visible on the Website. I have spread it as far as I can on my own.

Apparently there are only forty-six people out of three hundred million that care about this issue. No wonder no politician will address our issues.

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The petition has expired. It did not reach the required twenty-five thousand signatures. (It got to seventy-two.) It no longer appears on the Website.

Thanks to those here who did sign it though. We tried.-James.


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