Petition makes it to forty-six signatures (sigh)

Well, it doesn't look like my petition on the White House petition site is going to gain any traction.

Perhaps that's why the Democrats say they do not view the non-religious as a constituency. The act of signing a petition which simply asks the administration to acknowledge our existence and our freedoms as guaranteed in the Constitution is apparently too much.

Yes, I am disappointed. The petition will drop dead on January 10 if it doesn't get twenty-five thousand signatures. It needs one hundred fifty to become visible on the Website. I have spread it as far as I can on my own.

Apparently there are only forty-six people out of three hundred million that care about this issue. No wonder no politician will address our issues.

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I'd sign the darn thing again if I thought that would help!  [chuckle!]

Well, being out here on the High Plains two kilometers from civilisation doesn't help much in the stumping for rights bit. The tumbleweeds aren't interested in my diatribes.

Unless I can parlay my political career as a village trustee into taking over one of the political parties, I doubt I can do much there either.

Do you suppose Nebraska is ripe for a coup d'etat?  No, I didn't think so, either! [chuckle!]

I clicked on the link and it says "Page not found" - where's the petition?

I was going to ask the same thing.

Maybe that is why there are only forty-six signatures. Perhaps this link will help.

SIgned it, but still only up to 47 now...

This link worked.  Have you tried communicating with the organizations listed near the top of the Atheist Nexus site?  Getting a few of them behind you could make a difference.

I just cant believe that even after becoming the first president in history to recognize atheists as citizens, Obama just alienates us.  Lets face it, religion is just too deeply ingrained into mainstream America.

Religion is an in-group matter.  It brings people together like just about nothing else.  There's a reason we say "God and Country".  And if you want to unite people to your bull shit cause, make it god's cause, and the sheeple will follow.

EDIT: Just signed this.  Took less than 100 seconds, INCLUDING time spent signing up for an account at their site.  I think we should really be pushing this one.  If you are on this thread and haven't signed yet, please do!  And ask all your friends to do so as well!

I'm the 71st person 

I don't know if there's enough time but I'll throw my hat in, so to speak.

I do think this is the same as asking the political leaders to remember the oath they took.

The petition has expired. It did not reach the required twenty-five thousand signatures. (It got to seventy-two.) It no longer appears on the Website.

Thanks to those here who did sign it though. We tried.-James.




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