Petition: Replace the words "In God We Trust" on US money with "E pluribus unum."

There is a petition in the WhiteHouse webpage: Replace the words "In God We Trust" on US money with "E pluribus unum."  40% of US don't believe in the Christian God.!/petition/replace-words-god-...

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HELL YES!!!  Signed in a heartbeat and wish I could sign more than once!

I signed - thanks for the link!

To we win the petition, we need to get 25,000 by February 23rd. It's about 1000 signs a day. So if you want this to happen, share it with your friends! and on any social media you can. LET'S DO IT!

Happily, I'm able to contribute $$$ to organizations that work against theocrats' attempts to impose their delusions on the rest of us (ACLU, AU, FFRF, etc) and I do so.

I'm more active in opposing the bribery and extortion that's known as campaign financing.

I dream of an America that has a national initiative and referendum, and whose Supreme Court accepts that the Constitution's Ninth Amendment has meaning.



any worries that this could be used to track secular Americans?

figure by now it'd be 'in democracy we trust'? or 'for the people by the people?' as opposed to sheeple?

how's that one?

oooh, nice freakin penny!

I started a coin collection about a week ago. I know, kinda late (I'm 34), but, well, I have 3 boys (and it looks like more on the way) and I already have a collection of silver coins and some foreign coins. So anyway, long story short, I found a penny yesterday that was way older than any of the other coins I have, dated 1940. Brought a smile to my face. Just sayin!

2952. Seems to be some pretty slow going. Doesn't look like we're going to hit our target... :-(


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