Pharmaceutical abusing is as bad as religion abusing

I believe that a large quantity of people taking wrong  medicines every day, the pharmaceutical abusing could put the life dangious, maybe fetal death, it is much bad than religion abuse on this way.

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Yes I agree with you Selen there is a huge amount of structural corruption (the worst kind of corruption where there are legal incentives to be bad) in both the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries (monsanto)... Of course the root of this corruption originates from the global banking system, but blind religious obedience, or rather the organized lack of critical thinking, greatly aids corruption.

The issue with corporations really can be thought of as a reflexion of our own societies: We have societies which, instead of taking better care of ourselves, we create medications which aren't tested well enough because of the rush to get them to market and make lots of money before the patent runs out. So, instead of eating less and/or changing our diet, we dull symptoms with antacids and diet pills. Our own laziness and stuborness provides a need to be filled by parties who want a profit.


I still support medication. I support cancer medication and diabetes medication etc-Things that are actually needed.  I just wish that we lived on a planet where we solved problems,ones that can be solved without medications, instead of throwing pills at them. Enough with the quick Band-Aid solutions!


Remember kids, drugs are ok as long as they come from the corporate pushers, not the street pushers.
Its called a better life through chemistry.




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