American actor Alec Baldwin referred to Filipina women who marry U.S. nationals as mail-order brides. He made this statement as a "joke" in a comedy talk show seen across North America, and now can be seen on YouTube.

Alec Baldwin is an idiot. I lost all respect for him after a tape recording of a phone message he left for his daughter was made public last year; he insulted the child viciously and beyond what you'd expect a father and a balanced human being to ever do. Who does this guy think he is?

See the story below about the reaction from the Philippines to Baldwin's racist, sexist remark.

Philippines protests Baldwin's mail-order bride joke

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines has strongly protested a joke made by actor Alec Baldwin about getting a Filipina mail-order bride, describing it as "insensitive," Manila's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

The Philippines said the labelling of women married to U.S. nationals as mail-order brides "is offensive and prejudiced," Cecilia Rebong, Manila's consul-general in New York, said in a letter sent to the actor on Tuesday.

Rebong said the Philippines is one of the leading countries in the world in eliminating the trafficking of women and children and that Baldwin's statement in a television interview gave the impression that Filipino women could still be categorized as commodities for sale.

"Being an actor and a comedian, it is understandable that you may not be aware of these matters," Rebond said in her letter to Baldwin.

"However, as a public figure, it is incumbent upon you to be sensitive to discriminatory statements, especially in a multicultural society as colourful, rich and diverse as that of the United States."

Women's group in the Philippines were also outraged after Baldwin's interview on the "The Late Show with David Letterman" last week was posted on the video sharing site YouTube.

Women lawmakers at the two-chamber Congress also protested against Baldwin's statements and demanded a public apology from the actor.

"Let us make it clear to the world, Filipino women are not for sale," Senator Loren Legarda said in a statement. "Not even for sale to Hollywood actors."

(Reporting by Manny Mogato; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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Filipinos find themselves subject to racist jokes and commentaries more and more often. This is Teri Hatcher's comment against Philippine Med Schools [on a Desperate Housewives' episode] all over again.

We can't erase the fact that there really are Filipina Mail-Order Brides. It is true that women who go into this kind of agreement do it freely, but they do so out of poverty. Because of the lack of education and opportunities for employment, Filipinos tend to settle on things that are against their values. If a Filipina had enough to provide for her family and herself, she would probably never agree on marrying some random foreign guy who found her on an online brochure of brides.

As a Filipina, I find it offensive. We are from a poor country but that doesn't mean every thing about us can be bought.

P.S. My sister married an American but she was not a mail-order bride. :)
Well said Najo. The P.I. is rich in resources and overflowing with wonderful human beings. It shouldnt be the poor nation it is.
This is my favorite mail-order bride site.
ROFL! Awesome site. XD Thanks for sharing. :D
You're welcome! I find it a handy resource. :D
And yet when I was in the P.I. the town we frequented most was olongapo. Around 75.000 prostitutes in a years time passed in and around this town, They were gov. sanctioned, almost gov. owned. the few guys I knew who married a Filipina got them back to the states were quickly divorced and left heartbroken. This is not representative of all but .....there were alot. And if you advertise through any agency as looking for a husband you are a mail order bride, and the men who wish this type of relationship in my opinion are dirt bags who get what they deserve when their bride dumps them and takes HALF!!
Ah, yes, Olongapo City has its infamous history. :) That's where the US Naval Base is. Lots of Americans. XD
Yes thousands of Marines and sailors passed thru each year it was Disneyland for us. 40 bucks and you lived like a king for the weekend. When I was young and dumb I thought it was the greatest place on earth. Now it saddens me how much time and energy we wasted there. We could of greatly assisted the P.I. I mean we did things yes but it was band aid shit. Mean while we Marines got to live like warriors of ancient times four women at a time. You would have hoped that we would have evolved alittle beyond such behavior with a people who were so poverty stricken that thousands of young girls ( bout 15 and up) would choose the life they did or be forced into the life they had. Dont misunderstand I fully support prostitution as a legitimate profession all things being equal. But it was far from equal.
I will say for myself I never called or thought of them as whores, I had one girlfriend who ill never forget she was so smart and so beautiful.
In my mind women of night and soldiers have always gone together, hell we should belong to each others unions. Any soldier who disrespects a prostitute gets an ass chewing from me. They sell their bodies to bring you pleasure and feed themselves. They use their skills to better their service. Someone tell me the difference between a willing and able prostitute and me. Except I dont get paid to bring you pleasure. Sometimes I wish I did.
There was a recent rape case (tagged The Subic Rape Case) that caused uproar in the country.

The woman suddenly withdrew right after the US Marine got convicted, then she left the country to go to the United States. The reason why she did so was never really clear. It was either the rape never happened or she was bought by the Marine's party.

No US serviceman has ever been convicted of rape, but more than 3,000 cases had been filed -- all of these were dismissed. I'm not really sure where the problem lies, and we can't really say that all of the cases filed against these foreigners were honest. But 3,000 women who complained of sexual harassment should be taken seriously and not ignored. Unfortunately, the Philippines is being run by a corrupted government. It's a sad reality.
The USA, too. I can relate! lol
Your correct Ned, however the corruption here has become such a part of the system that it is hard to even recognize it.
In 2007, according to PERC, the Philippines was the most corrupt nation in Asia.

We did better in the most recent study (2009), and rose to rank 6 in a list of 15 countries. They included the United States for comparison, your country got the 13th place. XD Singapore did better, being the least corrupt of the 15.




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