American actor Alec Baldwin referred to Filipina women who marry U.S. nationals as mail-order brides. He made this statement as a "joke" in a comedy talk show seen across North America, and now can be seen on YouTube.

Alec Baldwin is an idiot. I lost all respect for him after a tape recording of a phone message he left for his daughter was made public last year; he insulted the child viciously and beyond what you'd expect a father and a balanced human being to ever do. Who does this guy think he is?

See the story below about the reaction from the Philippines to Baldwin's racist, sexist remark.

Philippines protests Baldwin's mail-order bride joke

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines has strongly protested a joke made by actor Alec Baldwin about getting a Filipina mail-order bride, describing it as "insensitive," Manila's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

The Philippines said the labelling of women married to U.S. nationals as mail-order brides "is offensive and prejudiced," Cecilia Rebong, Manila's consul-general in New York, said in a letter sent to the actor on Tuesday.

Rebong said the Philippines is one of the leading countries in the world in eliminating the trafficking of women and children and that Baldwin's statement in a television interview gave the impression that Filipino women could still be categorized as commodities for sale.

"Being an actor and a comedian, it is understandable that you may not be aware of these matters," Rebond said in her letter to Baldwin.

"However, as a public figure, it is incumbent upon you to be sensitive to discriminatory statements, especially in a multicultural society as colourful, rich and diverse as that of the United States."

Women's group in the Philippines were also outraged after Baldwin's interview on the "The Late Show with David Letterman" last week was posted on the video sharing site YouTube.

Women lawmakers at the two-chamber Congress also protested against Baldwin's statements and demanded a public apology from the actor.

"Let us make it clear to the world, Filipino women are not for sale," Senator Loren Legarda said in a statement. "Not even for sale to Hollywood actors."

(Reporting by Manny Mogato; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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no Ned I think hes making a valid and important point, not defending Alex Baldwin then again speaking off the cuff I could have said the same thing with out properly wording
y intent. I don't think Alex is a racist sexist pig. I think hes calling attention to something that has become a trend among wealthy single businessmen who believe they are getting submissive asian sex toys. Funny part is ....they aint!
As Najo will woefully tell you there are plenty in the government who receive kickbacks from such businesses to allow it to operate. And all the bars that peddle flesh mostly owned by former American servicemen. Most now in their 60s who like doin 15 year old girls and you can bet your life that they supply young girls to the govt. officials as well.
Alec Baldwin has issued an apology. It's weak, it's nothing, just damage control. This is from the same man who recently quipped in a Vanity Fair magazine interview "...I know why teenage girls should be thrown into volcanoes...", a reference to his own daughter who the actor believed was not paying the proper amount of attention to him.

Alec Baldwin has problem with woman.
Got a teenage daughter Ned?
Why would something so ridiculous even make the news. In a land of free speech, we have to let some things go. Would it have mattered if your neighbor made the comment? We give free press to celebreties when we even respond to such nonsense. Alec Baldwin is an actor, that's all, not an embassedor for human rights. He may in fact be an idiot, or abuser, but we really don't know. The private lives of some of these people are frequently misrepresented in both good and bad light. Marketing takes genius and sometimes even bad press is good press....ya know what I mean? There are far more interesting and complex issues in the world than what someone with limited acting skill is saying or doing personally.
In a land of free speech we don't have to stand by idle, we can respond. If you don't respond then it becomes acceptable for idiots to say stupid things on network TV. Not responding would validate Alec Baldwin's backward humor and encourage many TV viewers to find such behavior acceptable as well. And, by responding to this rather small event in world history we are not necessarily ignoring larger ones.
I agree in the response theme definetly. I love being able to voice my views publically without being stoned to death. There is however, a whole other collection of idiots, and it is those who spend valuable time watching TV. Next to organized religion, it is the most brain sucking waste of human pursuit. The media are master manipulators and feed people who can't find connection elsewhere. I'd much rather spend my time in a stimulating conversation with you or others on this site than watch TV.
BTW, I wonder about the element of truth though in the mail order bride thing as the guy who cuts my lawn has a filipino mail order bride. She is lovely and they've been married 6 years. He had to pay her family, after he flew there to extract her. I know nothing more about the process than that, but I do wonder if this will be part of the defense of old Alec's attourney. I find the legal process fascinating, when people publicly step deep in crap.
Not only did I spend my valuable time watching TV, but I spent yours too. I am nothing if not efficient.
I married a Filipina lady somewhat that way.We're divorced now but were married 11 years and have a wonderful daughter.I've not regretted it and am thrilled with the child I now have.
Does intellectual ability only come from formal education?

I agree with you that this could be the issue with some, but I suspect an awful lot of actors in the US have college degrees, or at least finished high school. Mr. Baldwin has a BFA.
And for some unrelated reason, I'm suddenly wondering if Alec is a Scientologist...




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