American actor Alec Baldwin referred to Filipina women who marry U.S. nationals as mail-order brides. He made this statement as a "joke" in a comedy talk show seen across North America, and now can be seen on YouTube.

Alec Baldwin is an idiot. I lost all respect for him after a tape recording of a phone message he left for his daughter was made public last year; he insulted the child viciously and beyond what you'd expect a father and a balanced human being to ever do. Who does this guy think he is?

See the story below about the reaction from the Philippines to Baldwin's racist, sexist remark.

Philippines protests Baldwin's mail-order bride joke

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines has strongly protested a joke made by actor Alec Baldwin about getting a Filipina mail-order bride, describing it as "insensitive," Manila's foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

The Philippines said the labelling of women married to U.S. nationals as mail-order brides "is offensive and prejudiced," Cecilia Rebong, Manila's consul-general in New York, said in a letter sent to the actor on Tuesday.

Rebong said the Philippines is one of the leading countries in the world in eliminating the trafficking of women and children and that Baldwin's statement in a television interview gave the impression that Filipino women could still be categorized as commodities for sale.

"Being an actor and a comedian, it is understandable that you may not be aware of these matters," Rebond said in her letter to Baldwin.

"However, as a public figure, it is incumbent upon you to be sensitive to discriminatory statements, especially in a multicultural society as colourful, rich and diverse as that of the United States."

Women's group in the Philippines were also outraged after Baldwin's interview on the "The Late Show with David Letterman" last week was posted on the video sharing site YouTube.

Women lawmakers at the two-chamber Congress also protested against Baldwin's statements and demanded a public apology from the actor.

"Let us make it clear to the world, Filipino women are not for sale," Senator Loren Legarda said in a statement. "Not even for sale to Hollywood actors."

(Reporting by Manny Mogato; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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Yeah but they beat the hell outta ya in Singapore! Thats how it stays so pristine.
What is PERC? I'm curious to read this study, if it's online.
Political and Economic Risk Consultancy is PERC.

Google search engine returns many references to the organization. Here is one of them.
Unfortunately when you mix booze and warriors I'm willing to bet that many of those cases were legitimate. I love my fellow warriors in a way outsiders cant fully understand, but I will not ignore the reality that many when drunk can be complete animals. That's why we have NCOs our job is to keep them in line ...we are not always successful. I hope you and yours never suffered at the hands of a US service member. This would truly be a heartbreak.
I didn't know Alec Baldwin was such a twit. Thanks for the heads up.
Interesting: When I scrolled down through the postings on this thread, there was an advertisement for on the right side of the screen. "Join free, Find your Filipina beauty today, Browse photos now!" it said. Methinks perhaps they (the Philippine government) doth protest too much. I am sure this ad was not placed by the Philippine government but then they don't seem to be trying very hard to stop them either.
Carlos, when a rich, world-famous actor makes a racist, sexist joke on U.S. network television, it shows me how fortune and fame can enable an idiot to express whatever backward notions he has, and feel justified. But, what's your excuse?
I've always wondered if there's some connection to some misquoted version of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks.." and men who have problems with women.
Ned Kelly. Thank you for pointing out a few of my character flaws. I just love it when someone tells me, however obliquely, that I am a racist, sexist, backward idiot. In a way, I envy you. It is probably just your youth, but I do wish I could be as certain of anything as you appear to be about everything.

Now, if you could point out what about my post was racist, sexist or whatever else it was that seems to have offended you I will be happy to apologize. In my post, I was simply pointing out that there was an ad for Filipina women right there along side this thread, at least on my computer, and that I found it to be an interesting and amusing coincidence. I also noted that the Philippine government does not appear to be trying too hard to stop this sort of thing. On a second reading of my post, it still seems clear to me that that is what I said.

Perhaps you chose to read more into my reply than was actually there. Are you sure that you really read my post? I honestly can't see that what I said deserved the rude and ill-considered diatribe that you posted in reply. But then, I am old and probably lack the subtlety of intellect that prompted your response. Or possibly, it is just the anonymity of the internet that prompts this sort of behavior. Too bad!
Carlos wrote: "...the Philippine government does not appear to be trying too hard to stop this sort of thing..."

Where does the Philippine government fail, exactly? Do you also include the many popular community-based organizations in the Philippines that oppose the oppression of women? To suggest this without offering something to prove it, your first comments in this thread sound like an apologetic defense of Alec Baldwin. Thanks for clarifying that you were only insensitive to how your statement could be misinterpreted.
Ned Kelly replied: "Thanks for clarifying that you were only insensitive to how your statement could be misinterpreted."

You are welcome. I guess if you say I'm insensitive, then I must be. That is the fifth character flaw of mine that you have identified. Gee, now, in addition to being a sexist, racist, backward idiot, I am also insensitive. Sorry about all that.

I should point out that I did not say that the Philippine government failed. What I said, and what you quoted above, was that the Philippine government doesn't appear to be trying too hard to stop this sort of thing. If it were, then we probably wouldn't be seeing too many of these ads. There is a big difference between "fail" and "not appear to be trying too hard" and your refusal to acknowledge this is disingenuous, at best.

Finally, as a casual observation, I get the strong impression that you spend a lot of your time looking hard for things to misinterpret and for people who are "insensitive" to things you consider important. In fact, I'm mildly surprised that you have the attention and energy left to view yourself as a non-theist. I should point out that you will never right your perceived wrongs by being rude to others on the internet. Giving others the benefit of the doubt is a mark of maturity; assuming evil intent suggests the opposite. But, for your own benefit, you may want to ask yourself why you feel the need to "misinterpret" and, more importantly, why you feel the need to be arrogant and rude to people who wished you no ill will whatsoever.
Man up, dog. It's a forum not a group hug. You cleared up some things about what you said earlier, gave me some grammar and etiquette lessons while you were at it, and now, it's over.





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