I'm taking a philosophy of religion class in a few weeks at my local community college, just need it as a Gen Ed, and the teacher is supposed to one of the best at the school. I picked up one of the books today (class starts in a few weeks) and it instantly made me dread the class. It was FULL of the same tired-ass arguments for god's existence that I figured out were bullshit a looooooong time ago. "Where did everything come from, huh?" Pascals Wager, stuff like that. No negative commentary on them, either.

I don't want the class to make me go back to hating religious people, I got over that ahahahaha.

I guess I'm expecting to have to correct people the entire class, explain WHY the cosmological argument is total bullshit. I was honestly expecting a much deeper analysis...

Any tips for surviving? Twice a week, for 6 weeks. Teacher is supposed to be amazing, but still...

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Be proud - (you ain't no sheep!)
I'd use it as an exercise to test my own position. See if anything is said or taught which causes me to take pause. Other than that I'd just go along for the ride, without trying to cause a stir. I'd point out errors of logic, and fallacies by others, in a friendly and non-combative manner. I'd give opinion if asked, but not volunteer - only go ahead when there is a lead-in from someone else. Always be prepared to back up what I say with a good reasoned argument. Emphasise evidence and its interpretation.




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