Picking up YOUR KIDS for sunday school without you knowing! (Legal Advise Please)

Here is a post that a friend of mine made on Facebook...

"I was abruptly awoke by my children, because "the man from the church is here to pick us up for Sunday school".
Someone solicited my kids earlier this week, when they were out riding
their bikes, and coerced our address from (my son). Most unprofessional
and they WILL be getting a phone call from a very heated mother."

Does this sound like something that the Freedom From Religion Foundation would get involved with? Or are they strictly Church / State separation?

Does anyone know of another organization that would be willing to help my friend send a message to these people that this kind of behavior is wrong?

Thank you

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I would ask to have him investigated for soliciting a minor or anything else you can get. After an investigation like that they will know you leave your kids alone.

I would also have gone to the door, called him a pedophile and said to get the hell away from my house or I would formally press charges for attempting to take my kids off to who knows where.

Also reaffirm with your kids about Stranger Danger, if this man was from a church then they just have to worry about brainwashing. He could have been anyone so, they need to know that they should never, ever give their address, phone number or even name to a stranger unless he is wearing a police uniform and has a badge. If someone like this approaches them again they should try to get to a safe place. Like, if they are together, they should stick together and all go to the closest house they trust, like a parents or a friends house for help.
BUMP! Josh let us know how it is going if you can, this is very relevant to my interests!

This is a parent's worst nightmare. he may not have been from a church at all. Please keep us updated on how this goes.
Even if he was from a church he could still be a predator! It's a perfect cover. Why do people trust someone more just because they have a place in the church?
Holy hell! Call the police!

If I ever lose my mind and have kids one day, if that happens someone will be finding their head stuffed up their pee hole.


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