Pictures communicate anti-wonder too.

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Point taken! I'm sure that is often the case. Perhaps I'm an outlier in that I've had my strongest wondrous experiences through reading and introspection/brainstorming. But I do believe that different media would be a more effective approach than my mostly (so far) text-based efforts. Music can be very powerful as well. Thanks for the insight!
Perhaps you could share a link to a piece of music you found particularly inspiring, or recount one of your introspection/brainstorming experiences. I think this group would take off if people shared what deeply moves them, concretely and personally. So far it's been abstract. I too am grounded by introspective/brainstorming "ah-hah!" insights, but find it difficult to communicate them so others get my meaning. I recently shared in the Atheists who love science group, some speculation stimulated by reading about the Vanishing Dimensions theory, without talking about the feeling side. The only response I got was "So what." :(

I agree with what you're saying, including how I've dumped a lot of abstract stuff on this site. There are a few reasons for that, but the biggest one is simply that that's how I think, and I was just taking my best stab at it. Your ideas are adding to some inspirations I've been floating. Well, here's an example of one of those more inspirational trains of thought. I'm hugely impressed by Symphony of Science, and here's one of their best videos. I hope some day I could participate with them in some sort of collaboration, but for now, enjoy!:

If you want a high-quality version of the song for listening, you can get it from the Symphony of Science website.

Yes, thanks that's one of my favorites. On a lighter note try Sex in Space.




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