Quarter of all pigs worldwide could die from swine fever, animal he...

Malaysia has banned Chinese pork products after finding the virus in them.

The die-off would spark global pig shortages, spiking prices of pork and products that rely on the animals to be produced,...

"... it's the biggest threat to the commercial raising of pigs we've ever seen,"... "And it's the biggest threat to any commercial livestock of our generation."

African swine fever is a viral disease that can spread rapidly though pig herds,...The disease poses no threat of infection to humans.

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Humans may not get African Swine Fever, however, they can carry the virus on clothing, shoes, and equipment. 

Pigs get high fevers, weakness, skin lesions, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, abortions, and sudden death. There is no preventive vaccine and no treatment. 

The corporate swine industry has a bad reputation because of their treatment of pigs, from birth to death, and perhaps an outbreak of ASF in the U.S. would force change.

Pigs: Intelligent Animals Suffering on Farms and in Slaughterhouses

There is a humane way to raise pigs and make a good living. 

How Polyface Makes $60,000/year on 20 Acres with Pigs

There is no reason to think threats of unpreventable and untreatable African Swine Fever will bring about such change, but as long as farmers can protect their pigs from infection, they have the opportunity to develop humane treatment of the beasts.

Fuck all of you pigs who are eating pigs. If civilization somehow survives a few hundred years those of the future will look at pigs eating pigs the way we look at pigs having slaves. 

I am a proponent of ..if you are gonna eat it you gotta slit its throat. That ought to cure the disconnect if that is the issue. Fuck the environmental and other rationales that are not about pigs as a basis to stop pig slaughter. Modern day concentration camps...yay human pigs

So you dehumanize everybody who eats pork? At Atheist Nexus, we're expected to address one another with respect, Frankie.

Yeah Ruth..pigs are intelligent animals and humans are so very anthropocentric/vicious that it sickens me. Where is the empathy?

Dehumanize? How much lower can we get?

I agree with you that "pigs are intelligent animals." I also agree that humans can be very anthropocentric/vicious. I, too, feel sickened by the way agribusiness treats pigs, chickens, beef, fish, dairy and egg production and many farmed animals. Humans are so desensitized to the cruelty that we eat animals without awareness of their living and dying conditions.

Inhumane Treatment of Farm Animals


"Industrial animal production for food represents a systematic violation of nature.
"And a production system that treats animals inhumanely also tends to enslave farmers in unfair production contracts, threatens public health through manure runoff and antibiotic use, impoverishes rural communities through tax subsidies and denial of other economic development possibilities. Animal factories are corporate-controlled monoculture, in which all of the federal largesse goes out of the community, and all efforts are focused on industrial livestock production, eliminating any other economic enterprises."

What We Can Do in Response to the Food Crisis

"Global demand for gas will continue to increase as people in developing countries become more affluent and the population grows. Add in political changes, natural disasters, and other possible unknowns, and it’s likely that in the months and years to come, gas will only get more expensive. Your best bet is to take steps now to offset the added cost."

9 Ways to Prepare for Rising Gas Prices – Causes, Impact & How ...

Powers that be will use anything possible to raise the prices of food. After all, people are getting fatter and it is all because of things we put in our animal feed. This means if the product costs you more then you will likely be eating less. Problem solved.




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