There's a technique I used years ago that helped me to overcome the sensation of losing my intellectual identity in the face of the myriad of various nude, pure assertions made toward me about me, the universe, and everything, and recent events have brought it back to mind; so, I'd like to share it before I forget.

My likely-autistic physics teacher and another guy in my physics class are in my head right now, in the form of caricatures of themselves  devoid of human nature or reason, being no more than a looped track of the most imbecilic and self-propagatory arguments that I've heard them make in the past day.  For the most part, those are the implicit arguments that they made about the nature of mental functioning, the universe, and everything; one argues for all of one's premises in addition to one's conclusion in arguing for one's conclusion, and, really, it's their premises that are bugging me.

Not background:
The most pernicious and Dunning-Kruger Effect -rich particles of ignorant imbecillery bounce about inside my mind, proselytizing to my sensibilities, trying to turn me to the dark side, and fighting this decomposition reaction keeps me from working on my lab book for chemistry.  In a stroke of insight, I let it win.  I let the implicit argument made by my fellow student that "That point you were making is not worth finishing." and "Not actually getting around to what your point is is as wrong as joyously singing in the rain." run rampant and convert quanta of consciousness to its state.  This necessarily propagated to other blocks--since reality is self-consistent and my mind propagates all knowledge to all of its corners in order to have as few models and as consistent of such as possible.

What happened next was like realizing that that one square that I was afraid to click in minesweeper is empty:

"One of these two square has to have a bomb in it, and the other has to be empty, therefore this third one over here that's under similar conditions from another numbered square, must be empty."

A tangible process of thought happened wherein the chunky stupid butter's (like peanut butter) ideas caused themselves to separate into their own separate sphere, cube, ellipsoid, or whatever of thought.  I think it works a little like Faraday waves in a cup: eventually some of the liquid shoots up and out of the cup.  I can still hear what they're saying, but now I can turn it off or mute it and mock what they say.

Actually finding myself subjected to this arrangement as the result of letting the dumb run around for a while feels weird, like giving creation antiscience any consideration, but the main thing I've gotten out of it in terms of an alteration to the states of some of my minesweeper mind-blocks ("Mindsweeper"?) is that I, being a human social character, have the potential to do what many other human social characters do--whatever that is--that keeps people from so zealously plying them with all their stock solutions of 3.00-Molar ignorance.

At present, I've only got this stopgap measure which is to insult them to make them feel as worthless as human beings in general as they actually are to me in terms of intellect.  This has consequences in addition to those that I desire, and is inefficient and not desirable for the long run.  My efficiency-obsessed eyes will continue to be open for better techniques by way of which to achieve the lack of getting squirted with Super Soakers full of not checking one's premises against reality at all.

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