Pippa Bacca wanted to prove that Muslims in the middle east are nice people by hitchhiking through the middle east wearing a wedding dress

In 2008 an Italian Artist called Pippa Bacca wanted to prove that Muslims in the middle east are nice people by hitchhiking through the middle east wearing a wedding dress.Sadly she was gang raped and killed in the first Muslim country that she went through which was Turkey 


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ICO, what do you say?

Meantime, Islam claims to "honor" women.  Cha, right, tell me another one.

In parts of our current PC climate, you would be called a 'racist' just for pointing this out.

Jesse Huges (of 'Eagles of Death Metal'), the band that was playing at the Bataclan a year ago during the terrorist attacks has become a personna non grata and was refused admission to the anniversary memorial. His crime? Pointing out his (apparently in retrospect accurate) feeling that some of the Muslim security guards actually let the attackers into the building. A person that had to have a piece of someone's skull surgically removed from his face is a 'racist' for suggesting this. His band was even painted out of a mural in LA.

"Murat Karataş,[2] was detained[1] and arrested after reportedly confessing to raping and strangling Bacca on 31 March after taking her in his Jeep from a gas station.[2] DNA testing suggests, however, that Bacca was raped by multiple people, and not just Karataş.[7] The suspect said he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and could not remember what happened.[8]

He had been traced after he inserted his own SIM card into the victim's mobile phone, which alerted police since he had a previous conviction for theft...."

I'm fighting the creeping urge to "I told you so" but I'm pretty sure since I've typed it already, I lost.

I want to say I feel bad for her but I just can't. I highly doubt that she has never in her life encountered any academic or even amateur works concerning Islam. She very likely was told multiple times what Islam was and the "morality" that motivates the average Muslim. And she absolutely ignored the fudge out of it.

 People like her are often the most fervent defenders of Islam, sometimes stooping so low as to call even its apostate critics racist islamophobes.

Quite frankly, as an apostate who's personally had to deal with people like that, its hard not to be outright satisfied with the outcome.

Her demise is sad but not to be unexpected. At great expense to prove her point, I would take her as very gullible. The same thing could have happened to her in Detroit or East St. Louis but maybe that was her point when she took this journey.

In politics, courage differs from foolishness as winning differs from losing.
Bacca went political and lost.

I did not know of this. I am not surprised.

Back in the 80's a friend of mine was invited to Iran to put on a show for the shah. In his troupe were several women who went outside the hotel without head dress. 

It was only police intervention, because they were invited by the shah, that prevented an angry crowd from tearing them to pieces.

That people do not reject these disgusting ancient religions out of hand results in my disrespecting most human beings.

Banjo, have you no empathy?

Empathy, like respect, must be earned. ;)

Then you will earn it too, won't you?

Mate, I'm Australian. My sense of humour is not American. It's very Australian.

Later this year I look forward to meeting this guy. My friend is his agent. (I come from an entertainment industry background) I think we are going to dinner. Watch him and you may understand.

I have huge empathy. As a matter of fact I cannot understand your original question seeing as I was talking about a choreographers and his dance troupe???


Thanks for the clip, Banjo. I get the Aussie humor.

In Iran, religion took empathy and made a mob sociopathic.

In the US, greed took empathy, made a politician sociopathic and I lost a reporter ally to a carbomb. In Wikipedia see the article on Don Bolles. I was next on the hitlist and left.

You and I survived and we protect ourselves.


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