Management in my building sends lobby hostesses (former elevator operators when the complex had its heyday in the 50s and 60s) on rounds to shove photocopied notices under tenant doors to advise them on everything from fire drills to holiday closings, but never in the seven or so years I've been there have they brought anything like the flier we got today. Apparently, a former employee of a tenant -- a security guard, I was told -- has been harrassing some tenants, and the management wanted us to be on our guard. It seems that the people he worked for closed doors and he keeps coming around for nefarious purposes of an undisclosed kind. The photocopy, showing a bullet-headed Hispanic with tattoos standing beneath a local church's massive bayfront statue of Jebus Crust, was accompanied by a note advising: "IF YOU SEE DAMIAN PEREZ (PICTURE ATTACHED) IN OR AROUND WILSON PLAZA PLEASE CONTACT THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE [phone number] IMMEDIATELY. -- MANAGEMENT." The poster of Mr. Perez -- "Pitbull" -- was accompanied with an ad for Miller Lite and something called "Rock's Extreme Fight Night VI" and there were some undecipherable scribblings on it.

Some observations and a question. First, "Pitbull" is a common gang nick around here. We have numerous Hispanic gangs and they make their presence known through graffiti and drive-by shootings. Some sell drugs to make their way in life; others are up to no good in various other ways. As a criminal defense lawyer, I represented one myself whose gang name was "Pitbull." I was his court-appointed counsel, and I seem to recall that he "fired" me so he could "get a real lawyer." Second, when a female attorney here is particularly aggressive, her male counterparts are sometimes given to saying, "The only difference between that woman and a pit bull is that pit bulls sometimes let loose." Third, Miller Lite used to be the beer of choice here, particular among Hispanics, but allegiance has swung around to Bud Light. So it's understandable a "fight night" event, the sort of thing that kind of appeals to beer drinkers, would be sponsored by the local Miller distributor. Fourth, the Methodist church with the huge statue of the pale Galilean sits smack dab in the middle of some of the most expensive real estate in the city, that fronting our marina on Shoreline Drive. The towering deity was designed and executed as a depiction of the locals' "Lord and Savior" in his fishing skiff, but the fairly famous sculptor who did it built into it (accidentally or on purpose) a latent goof: the prow of the boat is embarrasssingly out of proportion, much smaller than the towering Jeez-us above. So great is the difference one passes wondering why the boat doesn't sink.

Now, the question: why is it that so many creepy people consider themselves Christians? I mean, if Damian Perez is such a pitbull and so unwelcome in the building where he used to hang, wouldn't you think Christian principles would be the last thing on his mind? I'm not talking Laura Ingraham gold crosses here but a sleazy-looking guy the building management feels it has to warn us not to mess with. I will say one thing, if he is as troublesome as he is made out to be, he's well-named. If you recall, that was the name of the boogeyman in that campy movie, The Omen, and its sequels. The movie said nothing about the brand of cerveza favored by Old Nick.

P.S. I apologize for the quality of the jpeg; it was the best I could do with a scanner and ACDSee software.

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Only thing I can think of is that Jeezus is a symbol of power in some walks of life.

Somehow, I can't believe he would have approved of boxing, beer, and gangstas.

Jeebus crust! LOL! Nice.......great post!

Thanks. I had a blog called "The Gospel of Jebus Crust," contrasting the central figure of the cultus as he is worshipped today with the scriptural figure, the title based upon all the silly believers who keep seeing Christ designs in bread, clouds, and so forth.

Looks like that's an ad for a UFC night.




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