Pitt's an atheist; helps raise 200K for marriage equality.. cool.


folks I dig equality for all
except for the phobi haters...
People are people. . . they/we all get one life.. wtf does it matter looks/lifestyle etc..
as long as you don't harm folks especially in the name of xyz bs.


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how do the bigoted phobi haters expect to have equality in social settings?
the pre-programmed to hate from youth and class war etc.. from youth..
it's always going to be that uncomfortable 'when's that person gonna flip out' kinda feeling
and they should know enough by now.. money is not everything and neither is belief in afterlife muddafukaz! peace

life's a bitch but it can be a peaceful existence if one or a group would give it a chance..
"they say" .. they say; who are they!? ; )




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