Pity Poor Rush, Whose Panties Are in a Wad Because There Might Be a Black James Bond

Next James Bond Movie Cast News: Rush Limbaugh Slams Idris Elba as ‘Black’ James Bond


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BB, what makes you think Jesus didn't say "Eat me"? A fellow playwright from Corpus Christi (yes, I actually live here, long story), Terry McNally beat me to the punch when he wrote a very controversial play of that title. It was done at one of New York's small theatres and is now out in film I hope to acquire. I never met Terry, but my older bother did, when the high school let everyone out of the school to go see Olivier's Hamlet and he and my brother were the only ones to show up. Surely some Gnostic versions of Christianity suggest as much. One sect, the Ophites, who turned everything in the Buy Bull on its head, e.g. Cain as hero, ditto Judas, Korah, &c., and whose principle rite called for having the Old Serpent of Genesis crawl over and through loaves of bread to sanctify them. The celebrants then ate the bread, extinguished the lights, and had tantric sex. The worst possible mate in darkness was one's spouse; having sex with brother, sister, even mother, father, &c. was exalted since, as the Tantrics put it, the greatest yoga is bhoga. (By filth one shall be cleansed. I actually joined a Satanic sect once thinking it was into that sort of thing, like LaVey's sect, but as the breakaway sect was nothing but a Nazi-themed group of losers, I dropped out rather quickly, but only after attending their annual "conclave" in L.A. Hey, Jesus traveled extensively in the Holey Land with TWELVE MEN. Duh!

I recall there being a big controversy back in the 1980's here in Chicago when the cast of the traditional yearly performance of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" included a black man as Ebeneezer Scrooge. 

Fast forward to today, and the cast is quite mixed, including an interracial Cratchet household.


I think this is wonderful.

I'm with you Daniel. He is one incredible handsome man.
Rush Limbaugh is one of the most unpleasant people l can imagine.
He would bitch if you hung him with a new rope!

What the heck?  If Idris can make the role work, Why The F*** Not?!?

Oh, and as for that Limburger, I think it's gone stale.  Time to throw it out!

Actually, one's a dirigible ... hard frame, dude!  [grin!]  As for the gas bag ... yeah, pretty much!

I've got a novel idea. Why not cast Neil DeGrasse Tyson as 007?

Only problem is that he isn't British ... but he absolutely IS a BADASS!

Idris Elba is a gifted actor. He did an excellent job in the short lived UK series "Luther" about a detective with personal problems but dedicated to his job. Fans complained about the series ending so quickly and a movie or two is supposed to be forthcoming.

Elba as James Bond? Why not. (We assume Daniel Craig doesn't want to be type cast.)

Rush Limlowe is a racist!

You know, we have so many fine African-American actors now, you'd think Poitier would have opened the flood gates, but as it was, they opened just a trickle until we got past the "blacksploitation" era. But damn, I just hate to see Samuel L. Jackson doing those silly credit card commercials. The line, "What's in your wallet?" certainly was not written by Quentin Tarantino.

Actually my wife objected as well. Bond was written as a Scot. That has a lot to do with the personification.

Consider uproar if a character originally written as an African was cast as a white man.

In this modern time Bond could be a Scot and also be a black man. Why so? It's because it isn't 1950 any longer.

I recall a minister who claimed that god did not want the races to be together. That was why they were all in different geographical locations around the earth. Apparently this god was so stupid that he didn't know that man would invent the airplane.




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