On my way east I will visit Dayton, Tennessee, where in 1925 the famous "Monkey Trial" took place. A statue of Clarence Darrow now accompanies that of William Jennings Bryan.

I will also visit a few museums of science. Any recommendations?

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Salem Mass maybe?  A place of both religious madness and the realization, dimly, that what was going on was not religious madness.  Too far from my neck of the woods, but I understand it's now a tourist trap with new age and witchy crap. 

Sedona, Arizona maybe. It is apparently a place for weird new age spirituality stuff. That wouldn't be for me but I would enjoy the mountains.

I would say the Smithsonian museums of natural history in D.C. but that doesn't jibe with your Electric Universe.

Those museums recognize the accomplishments of scientists such as Newton, Galileo and Einstein as well as the current use of their equations with, among other things, satellites and missions to Mars.




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