Dear All,

I am moving to Jackson Mississippi this summer to the Univ. of Miss. Medical School for a research position. I would really appreciate any info and suggestions on the best places to stay in Jackson (I dont have any idea of where the counties like Hinds and Pearl etc are located and what are they like). Also the payscale for a research fellow isnt that great and so what would be the living expenses like in the place as well. Im looking for a safe, clean and convenient neighborhood, with safety being the first priority at a walking distance from the medical school or at the most within 3 - 5 mi. I can out in a maximum of $700- 800$ as rent and am open to sharing with anyone as well (Im single 29yr old male from India). Anyone from Jackson or those who have been to Jackson please do try and provide me with some info on some of the stuff.



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I moved your discussion because it wasn't a question about the Nexus network.

Are you familiar with Craig's List? It is an online classified advertisements site, among other things. You might be able to check out rental prices, look at roommate ads, etc...

Hopefully someone else will come along with more specific information about Jackson than what I have to offer.
thank you so much thats a great site uve juz directed me to. Also Ive put up the post in the Mississippi nexus as suggested. Thanks once again buddy it has really been a great help.



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