Plan to compile a database of theist questions for atheists and our responses

Several of us from a number of atheist organizations are planning to put together a database containing the most frequent and most difficult questions or challenges that theists put to atheists along with our most cogent responses.  To collect as many of these questions as possible, I am asking the members of various freethinker organizations to forward to me the most frequent or challenging questions or accusations that theists have confronted you with. Please also send your responses to these along with some key words to the subjects so that they will be searchable by fellow atheists. Also, if you have suggestions as to how we can restrict access of the planned database to only freethinkers, please include your strategy for that. 

This is one way that we atheists, scattered as we are, can use our internet resources to significantly help each other.  When we keep illuminating the absurd logic and farfetched arguments of theists, we strengthen our position and make them start thinking like the rational and ethical people they really are.  Thanks for all your help!

Eric Stone, PhD
Westchester Atheists

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Great questions.  Did PZ list his answers too?




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