"A new book by a leading geneticist foresees a sexless new world where two women can have a child with no need for a man to intervene. The sperm you thought you could not do without for procreation might soon be reduced to a quaint, rarely used option. Science seems hellbent on making men totally redundant in the process of making babies.

Researchers worldwide are experimenting with embryos formed from two sets of genetically-altered female eggs. Already, Kayuga, a Japanese mouse, has come out of a not-so-romantic union of eggs from two female mice in a laboratory in Tokyo. She isn’t a clone in that she has two distinct sets of DNA from her two female parents.

“Mice and humans aren’t the same, but they are mammals. And today scientists can take two eggs and create a child. They have to take the eggs out, change them, and put them back. But it’s possible to do. And if it’s possible in mice, theoretically, it will be possible in humans,” says Aarathi Prasad, UK-based geneticist and author of Like A Virgin: The Science Of A Sexless Future."

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Kinda spooky ... if you're a man.

Proof that the female will survive and showing a possibility of a future where men might end up (if they exist at all) like the bronze age women of old. Men could be cultivated as the worker class just like bees and ants of today. History of things gets totally reversed.

It is written that if 2 women are fighting and the man of one woman sees the other getting the best of the first one, he cannot punch her in the vagina. If he does they should cut off his hand and no one feel sorry for him.

Lol - they're going to have to alter a lot more than that part of the bible.

And add to the fact that women tend to live longer than men, it seems we (men) may be doomed. 




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