Planned Parenthood, ACLU Sue South Dakota Over New Abortion Restrictions

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I was frankly aghast when I learned that this legislation was passed into law in South Dakota.  That the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are challenging the legality of that law is good news to me.  I will be very interested in hearing what comes of this court case.
probably more hatred towards each side from both sides; women, faith, lies, money, health insurance companies, believers, nonbelievers of sky daddies, rape victims, undeducated, educated, abused and nonabused people... either way it will damage someone or some family in a negative way. It's total hijacking of reality imho

I think both organizations are going to be stretched thin what with the new onslaught of anti-abortion legislation going through in Republican states. In Kansas, they've got a bill going through that will keep general insurance policies from covering abortion. And that a woman should plan ahead instead for situations like rape the way you would for a flat tire. >.>




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