I got a laugh from the guy who said:

I confess my computer beats me at chess everytime.

However, at kick-boxing I am undefeated.

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That is funny. Somehow I'm reminded of the movie "Her." If memory serves me right this man finds a female intelligence inside his computer. They fall in love, but in the end she goes silent which means that she left him anyway.

That movie reminded me of myself and my wife.  LOL

Many years ago, on my first computer ($100), I had a chess game that had varying levels of expertise.  I think it had 10 levels.  I could beat in on 1 and 2, but only beat it 50% of the time on level 3.  On level 4, I could never beat it.  Often got upset trying.

Once upon a time I had a chess machine. I'd never been very good at chess or received training to play. In short, I was (and am) a hack. I thought the machine would improve my chess playing ability. I tried and tried but couldn't beat the machine anywhere above level 2. If I remember correctly, there were at least 12 or 13 levels.

At some point, my roommate had become friends with a group of students from India. Extremely intelligent bunch of guys. One of them wound up living for several weeks in a spare bedroom while he recovered from an...ailment. Being a smart guy, bored out of his skull, I thought he could use a diversion so I lent him my chess machine. He beat every level, going from one to the next.

I don't think the machine ever came out of the closet after he gave it back. My pride may have gotten bent.

The ailment? He accidentally shot himself in the foot with a pistol while at the rifle range. 


I imagine you can only beat a computer at kick boxing once.

True, but that's all you ever need to do.


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