I just read the AtheistNexus request that we all purchase holiday items through Amazon. Some may not be aware that there has been a boycott of Amazon.com by some of their workers. So, I will respectfully declint to purchase Amazon products this season, and hope that others will also boycott Amazon. (I plan to confine my giving this solstice season to sustainable, local, organic consumables.) {clunk, clunk.... getting off soapbox)


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I'll be using Thinkgeek for most of my holiday shopping, but I gotta admit, it can be difficult to shop for people back home without using Amazon.com, when you live abroad. That said, I might be able to accomplish this. I'm hoping to bring some gifts from Japan, so it should even out...

If you suggest to boycott Amazon to support the workers, please give a link to get direct information.     

Agreed.  A quick search didn't help me figure out what boycott he's talking about either.  What's this boycott about?

And by "he" I mean "she"!

Sorry, folks. After posting, I went hunting for the link from within the last week and was unable to find it. It was definitely about current working conditions at at least one Amazon location, and is a worker action. If I can find it, I'll post. In any case, I'll continue my boycott, since I've never liked Amazon.

Thanks!  Yeah, I am inclined not to support Amazon after reading that.  It sounds like they are working their employees harder than I would like.  I'll wait another week for my package if it means better working conditions.  Actually, I'll wait as along as it takes.  Have things changed since the article?  Are there any alternative online stores with known good working conditions for employees?

Thanks for the links.   That is inappropriate treatment of hard working people.   Unfortunately while Amazon is the direct culprit, indirectly it is the logical outcome of capitalistic conditions: 

Competition, customers buying the cheapest, greedy managers allowing themselves high salaries and exploiting the workers.  

I'm sure with your boycotting you are going to throw a few bucks Nexus's way right? The Amazon request was simply another alternative. Atheist Nexus should not be punished for Amazon's actions, and I'm sure you're grateful that you were able to post this info here.

Thanks, Pat, for finding/posting that link.

Actually, I think it a bit ironic that AtheistNexus is promoting celebrating the religious holiday season.

For online bookstores, there are better options than Amazon, like Powells Books which is unionized and offers great selections and deals.

Frequently, very good organizations that I support come up with fundraising plans employing strange business alliances, for example credit cards backed by BofA or sweatshop T-shirts. I don't participate, and usually voice my objection, sometimes offering a check instead when I can afford it. I just cannot betray my own principles, even to support an otherwise good cause.


Hi , why are the workers boycotting Amazon? I am also a worker but it does not mean they are always right, just because they are workers ,you need to know both sides of an argument.




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