Please contact your Senator! Important Church/State separation email

I don't have a vote in the Senate because I live in the land of no representation (DC), but you can help. Please urge senators to confirm this Judge, he has been nominated by Obama and because he has ruled against prayer in public events in the past, he's being attacked by the religious right:

Please help keep church and state separate in the US for future generations.

Thank you,

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No, I don't think so.

Partly because I live in Australia and have neither influence on nor interest in US domestic politics.

Perhaps you would explain why anyone with an IQ above ambient room temperature would support such action based on the link you provided?
So, ye of a name with apostrophes, it's not an issue that applies to you, correct? Then why do you feel the need to comment? Atheists in the US are probably familiar with the organization that is recommending this action. Additionally, I don't think that Marcos was recommending anyone blindly fire off a letter but instead thinks that we should look into this candidate for the senior judiciary.

Lastly, what's the purpose of the shitty attitude?




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