Please contribute: what are the most objectionable/obviously outdated bits of the Bible?

As a lifelong atheist (I was lucky to have agnostic parents), my knowledge of the Bible is sketchy to say the least.
I'm collecting some possible lines of 'argument against theism' on my website and am interested in moral evolution as a demonstration of the irrelevance of religions (since they codify and reflect the moral and intellectual standards of the societies that produce them).
I'd be interested to see specific examples of particularly outdated moral and intellectual ideas contained in the Bible (or other religious texts - Qur'an etc. most welcome).
I've read bits of the Old Testament and it seems to be crawling with objectionable stuff, so please stick to fairly succint examples of how Christianity reflects outdated ideas and standards.

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Yeah, the idea of women having rights is completely incongruent with the Bible.
I've always found the 'right texture' very important. I mean, you wouldn't want to stone someone with an unsuitably textured projectile now, would you?
And as you would expect, males who lost their virginity,nothing happens to them. So why is a woman who has sex evil and the male she's done it with is not also the same?

Oh no,too smooth and it might just bounce right off.
The issue is, males are never virgins. this is a concept that gets lost in todays society but many coltures now and ancient never considered males to be Virgins. I dont know if it had to do with the penis having to pass threw a vagina to be born or the fact we have no physical thing to break to make us a Non Virgin. Many times women who just didn't get a " virginal bleed" were killed becuase they must not of been Virgins becuase there was no blood on the sheets after the wedding night, and in jewish coulture your supposed to present the bloody sheet to the Materiarch figure of the husbands family as proof of your Purity.

I would go with a smooth stone aerodynamic right? no lumps to slow it down.
God is absolutely all-powerful.....unless chariots of iron are concerned.
Nooooooo! not IRON!!!!!!
Iron is God's kryptonite.
Hahaha! That is funny. As the owner of three pieces of iron cook waire,this really makes me laugh.
So now we know God's weak spot.
Pretty much all of it.

Except for the bits that denounce Slavery, Rape, Killing, and Theft.

Unfortunately, the bible also promotes Slavery, Rape, Killing, and Theft.

So yeah, as I said, all of it.

wow - love the sticker!
Kiran i just stole your great pix of the Warning Label bible!




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