In a meeting of a small number of people convened for some forgotten reason, I was present, and another present was for some reason sort of giving an impromptu speech on how to learn things about Mr. Yahweh.  She said something like "You can't learn correct things by combining known facts together and examining their implications.".  Dream-me interrupted or interjected, objecting that that's exactly how we come to know anything and is exactly how science works in the composition of theories.  That is all that I remember.


Her objection is just the sort of absurd thing that I could not come up with normally--like how the Landover Baptist creative people make up those almost-unbelievable parodies.  In its being something I couldn't exactly make up on my own, and since it sounds like a deepity, I think that what dream-she said is a viable candidate for how the dedicatedly religious think and for how they come up with who God is, what God is, what he wants and needs and won't tolerate, and what he'll do for whom why, how, and under what circumstances.


"TLDR" version:

Do you think that the religious use a somewhat (but not completely) systematic process that we may one day figure out for generating new beliefs?

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When I have a dream of this type I interpret it as an indication that I "get" the intellectual objection to the nonsense at the gut level, i.e. with my lymbic system and reptile brain. In other words I take it as a symptom of being well integrated on this issue, all three of my brains are on the same page so to speak. I feel confident that I feel the truth of the position I hold intellectually. Congratulations! You've been "doing your homework." You don't have internal conflict about this issue that is being repressed or ignored.




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