Please help me maintain some sanity... It just isn't true!

I'm 60 something and a quilter.  Also a former math teacher with a lot of other things that I enjoy.  I belong to some online quilting groups that I enjoy as they give me information that I can't obtain anywhere else.  HOWEVER, on one of my favorite groups someone has a tagline that reads "Life's biggest decision is what you do with Jesus."  And now someone has replied " I love your line 'Life’s biggest decision is what you do with Jesus.' How true." 

I see where this is going, having tried to join quilting groups where everyone asks me "what church do you belong to?".  I'm ready to explode!  I love this group but I wonder if I should:

a. Have a tagline of my own (suggestions?) 


b.  Just write that I wish we could be members of a wonderful quilting group such as this and leave religion at the door?   I'm afraid that if I make this request I will be rejected and then will have to join as a new member keeping my real identity a secret.

What do you think I should do?  I'm afraid of making the wrong decision and having to leave the group but on the other hand, I need to grow a pair (as they say) :) and tale a stand! 

Please let me know what you think as I can't seem to decide.


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"Religion belongs in the places of worship & not part of the quilting discussion, thank you!"

I used a variation of this and posted.  Can't wait so see if I'm still accepted or will need to reenter the group under a new name!

How about:

Life's biggest decision is what you do and how you deal with YOURSELF.

Jesus has no demonstrable existence outside of the bible, any more than his putative father does.  Attempting to deal with what is NOT is a waste of time and a distraction from this tenuous and all-too-brief period which is your life.  The wisest two words I know of are: Tenet Nosce - Know yourself.  When you know yourself and own yourself, you create the initial conditions to prosecute your own life to the maximum benefit for yourself and those around you.

Know yourself - and the rest follows.

I agree but somehow those Jesus freaks don't see it that way!

I think you did the right thing by coming here. Solidarity :-)  Too bad there isn't a quilting group going here, but even if there were at some point we all have to hear christians say silly things. However in my experience in online forums things go stale if you try to keep things perfectly on topic. I find that when people are enjoying themselves they share perhaps a bit too much. 

But these days if I am being pestered by a christian who just won't politely accept my preference, I take a deep breath and with one long winded diatribe say:

"I'm an atheist and I want to say that regarding religion we agree on only one thing: that what you believe Matters. Not because god exists, but that you wish he did so that he would infinitely punish everyone who doesn't agree with you."

I don't know if this helps you but it sure works for me 

I'm thinking about putting your quotation as my tagline, but in doing so I would go against that which I object to, putting one's religion out there.   If they persist I will do that.  Maybe it's time that I see if there are any of a like mind out there hiding behind their sewing machines :)

You may end up having to re-join again with a different identity, but they will likely post some crap again also. These people all operate on the idea that the more you get someone to agree with you, then your idea has to be right. I won because more people agreed with me. That makes it all true.

Let's try again. "Life's biggest decission is what you do with yourself." Tinker Bell and Captain Hook should not be in the picture any longer.

This particular group is one in which the group's owner approves the posts before letting them appear.  My post still hasn't appeared but more recent posts have so I'm guessing that the owner/moderator chose not to air my message. I am curios to see if other religious-oriented posts appear or if he later gives an explanation for posts not appearing on the site...

It might be nice but this particular group can't be replaced as the owner/moderator gives a lot of advice about a sewing machine brand the group all own that can't be duplicated anywhere else. I like the group other than the religion spouters who seem ironically unable to care about the feelings of others!  Many of these (mostly) women belong to other groups as well, so maybe I should bring it up on another site, just ask the question and see what happens.

If they allow minor discussion of religion then in fairness they need to allow you to give your own opinion, say in a sig.  But no reason they should totally shut up about it. 

How about that Robert Ingersoll poem "Justice is the only worship, love is the only priest" as a sig. 

I think there is a reason they should totally shut up about it.  I don't go to that site to discuss religion, I go there as it's a sewing site.  It doesn't have a separate section for "off topic" or anything like that as some sites do, so all of the discussion is seen by all of the members (actually get emails for each posting) so I have no way of not coming into contact with that content. 

If I started a discussion on that site about political views, I think (and do expect) that I would be told that it isn't the appropriate forum for that.  And at least the political stuff would have some basis in reality!  I don't expect to have to be exposed to the Jesus Freak's nonsense on a sewing site. 

You could bring up your concerns to the moderator directly.

I find sometimes that a poster wants to approve of your replies before they are posted. Sometimes they may not even appear. This is stupid! If you want to have that much control over your blog then why don't you just do the replies in advance and post it all at the same time? No comments allowed, case closed!




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