Please watch this if u can bear it...i got really chocked up before it was over .  the inhumanity if we want to make peace with the world we must stop treating it's inhabitants this way, hate breeds hate, torment make mortal enemies.

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I don't know how I feel about this.  I had a nasogastric tube for surgery a few months ago.  It wasn't that bad.  Not my favorite thing but not that bad.  Depends on the skill of the person doing it and the cooperation of the person getting it.

Getting the procedure against one's will, of course, it will be worse.  I suppose the choices are, let them go, or let them starve, or force feed them.  I can't think or other answers.   If we let them go - will that be a problem somehow?  I don't know.  I don't have the info.  If we let them die, is that ethical?  I think it probably is.  That seems to be the choice they are making.

Maybe their hunger strike is effective- "The president said he would lift the moratorium he imposed in three years ago on transfers to Yemen, where 30 other detainees cleared for release are from, and would appoint new envoys at the Defense and State Departments to work on repatriations.""




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