I remember when I was in elementry school that if we didn't say pledge of allegiance your in serious trouble. If uou said anything during moment of silence your also in trouble. I remember that I refused doing the pledge and lost recess and gained homework. At 5th grade I had a atheist science teacher and she told us that you do not have to do the pledge. Most of us did it, a few like me didn't say it. I actually say the old pledge before the addition of god in it. I've recently read the constitution and articles about this heated debate and I've come to the conclusion that its best to revert to the old pledge. This is a secular nation. Now days I have all religious teachers (not a good mix with science) and they make us do the pledge. What I do is mouth the old pledge. So far it works but I wonder: why haven't we revert to the old? The reason for the new pledge is because to seperate us from communism I think. And because we are secular it needs to be reverted.

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