Just finished reading all 41 pages of the GOP's "Pledge to America". Some musings on this love letter to Zombie Reagan:


-Iran called out by name. Hell, they have a whole section devoted to them! Good move! (sarcasm)

-Nothing but white people in each picture. (That's a lie. Some pictures have minorities just getting back from being shot at.)

-No health insurance. Because someone has to look out for insurance, right?

-Each new bill needs to have a note saying where in the constitution it is legal. (Oh, so now you're concerned about unconstitutional activites.)

-Everything that happened during the Bush years? Yeah, they're coming back, baby!

-No abortions...ever!


Of note is the single line at the start, and unmentioned anywhere else...

We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.


The abortion thing gets drilled to death everywhere else (life), but they skipped over the whole "traditional marriage" subject in the meat of this thing. And, gauging at how well our faith based organizations have been acting recently(I'm looking at you, megachurch gay guy), they need all the honor they can get.


Any thoughts? (Here's the whole damn thing. Have fun slogging through that)

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How can you honor families if you honor only "traditional" marriage?! >:( JEZZLES SMASH!!
$$$powerracismfear mongerz... crying foul and eating their own; and what?
Oh, goodie ... the Contract On With America 2.0. How original.

[pardon me while I barf my guts out....]
The best commentary I heard on this BS was from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.
Meet the new contract ... same as the old contract. I mean, what is this, political Alzheimer's?




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