Plenty of fish in the ocean... but they all have one thing in common

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My brain says intelligent and emotionally stable, but my jeans say "good looking, hot baby momma".
The type of good looking I like is they type that indicates physical health. Very often being physically & emotionally healthy are linked in some way too - being obese for instance - is that a physically or emotionally unhealthy thing? It's both, although it will probably make some obese people mad that I come out and say it. Still though, it's funny 'cause it's true.

I agree with Caroline, I'd be happy with emotionally stable + intelligent, the combination of the two grown on me, the more intelligent and amusing things I hear a person say, the more appealing their face becomes. Good looking can be a matter of perspective.
I'm with you Carolyn R. Looks, for me, are important insomuch as they are an indicator that the guy is generally taking care of himself. A little love handle is fine (since I've got plenty of my own). But beer gut that makes him look pregnant? Pillsbury doughboy who let himself go?

It's not a vain, I'm-looking-for-a-male-model kind of thing. It's a health thing. I'm no health junkie, but ... within reason. Please.
I'd also add that "Good Looking" can be partially dependent on the other two factors. If I'm really digging a guy for his brain and his personality, average looks suddenly become way sexy.

Likewise, if the same average-looking guy is mentally/emotionally a turnoff, he just got way uglier.

And, sorry smokers, simply lighting up takes about 2 points off that scale-of-1-10 for me.
The smoking thing is a definite turn off. I like intelligent people, but I can certainly enjoy the company of folks who aren't particularly cerebral.

Give me someone who loves life, looks nice and isn't psychotic. I'd pick stable and good looking




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