There is some recent activity on the Atheist News group regarding podcasts, and since I haven't seen one yet (actually, I haven't spent much time looking), I thought I'd share my story and my podcasts:


I have a 1.5 hour commute each way Monday through Thursday, and instead of listening to thrash metal (or whatever's on the satellite), I listen to podcasts. I don't have time to exhaust my list of 'casts every week, so I have some that I let build up and then run through all of the archives over a week's time. Some I get to each week, and some I just don't go out of my way to listen to. This last category will likely get me banned from this site...


Weekly pods:

Every Other Week Podcasts:

Rip through the archives every month or so:


Geologic strays off topic a bit for me - that's understood - that is his signature and style, but I really don't need to listen to his mother or his advice on clothes. Others may, can and should find great mounds of valuable information from those parts of the shows, but it just bores me. I do like the "Religious Moron of the Week" segment, the "Interesting Fauna" and "Geo's Mom sings J. C. Lyrics" segments as well. I end up skipping to the next podcast when the segments that bore me pop. If I did a podcast and I had items you didn't like, I would fully expect that you would skip them as well.

I got hooked on the skeptic movement by Skeptics Guide and Skepticality. Only Skeptics Guide is still on my frequent rotation list. Kick me out now.


Anyone else have a list of podcasts they like?

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Thanks so much for the list.  I listen to a lot of these podcasts now -- but there are some on there that I did not have.

Appreciate it!

You should consider Ardent Atheist (  It is my favorite show.
always open for another show. thanks.

The Atheist experience is every week:

Some good new ones include:
The Thinking Atheists (biweekly):
Think Atheist (weeky):
Desert Air Podcast (weekly):
Skepticwire podcast (weekly):
Godless Bitches (weekly):



The Imaginary Friends Show:
Godless Business:

Living After Faith podcast :
Church of Awesome:
Radiolab: (science documentaies)
Ask an atheist:

Mormon Expression: (former Mormons

The Brain Science podcast:

Oh no! Ross and Carrie:
The Adam Corolla show
(he's an atheist but the show is more humorous than atheistic):

I have an MP3 alarm clock on my computer and I wake up to these.  I also listen while shopping, driving, doing chores.


Do check out the new ones on the list at the top; I think they are excellent, and I'd love to see them grow.

Sorry about the formatting above... I couldn't fix it. And the first one listed (The Thinking Atheist) iis every other week-- not biweekly.  Check out his Youtube channel.  He taped the Oklahoma freethought convention and I downloaded them all from you tube.  (You can convert videos into MP3s for your MP3 player).  The talks were excellent-- particularly Matt Dillahunty of The Atheist Experience.

I might have to check out the video of Matt Dillahunty's talk. I listened to The Thinking Atheist's podcast of it yesterday it was excellent but it sounded like I missed some of the best stuff because I couldn't see the slides.


I do appreciate your list. I wasn't aware of The Thinking Atheist, Desert Air, Skepticwire or Mormon Expression.

Yes, he's an atheist, but apathetic to atheism. He just doesn't want to be expected to join any "Atheist Club".

He's the libertarian atheist sort, kind of like Penn Jillette.

You are all just feeding my already excessive addiction! I listen to podcasts when I'm doing tasks that don't require much verbal thought - driving, cleaning, etc. While I rarely run low on something to listen to, I can't resist new ones and there were a few listed that I don't subscribe to yet. Here are a few I don't think have been mentioned yet:


The Good Atheist - not my favorite, but still in my feed.

The Cowboy Voodoo Show - I'm still giving this one a trial run but haven't heard enough episodes to decide whether to keep it.

Witnesses for Atheism - Atheism from the perspective of former Jehovah's Witnesses. Gives an interesting insight into the Witnesses for those of us who have no connection to them.

Sumogirl's Humanist Thought of the Week - Very very short, reliably weekly, podcast.


More on sketicism, rather than atheism:

Skeptically Speaking

Rationally Speaking

Quackcast - Medical skepticism, quite intermittent





It's almost never convenient for me to watch/listen in real time. I love getting things via podcast because I can listen at my convenience, stop it when I need to, back up if I got distracted and missed something, etc. So, a pure podcast, like the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe is as good as a "show" like the Non Prophets for me.


I do enjoy the interaction of the hosts with the live callers on the Atheist Experience, though. It would be great if there were something like that out there for skepticism. There is so much that falls under that category that needs addressing - homeopathy, anti-vaccination, etc. I do wonder whether an inordinate amount of time would be spent on topics that I find incredibly boring - cryptozoology, ghosts, UFOs, etc. I would rather focus on topics that I think are actually harmful. Still, a skepticism show that helped teach critical thinking and the importance of science would be a great thing.

I agree about religion. That's why it bugs me that some skeptics think it should be avoided as a skeptical topic. Also, religion seems to go hand-in-hand with some of the more harmful anti-science beliefs.
Another good one not on anyone's list is Ask an Atheist... Nevermind just spotted it!

Terrific list.

Also note that Atheist Experience is video streamed live, on Sunday at 4:30 pm Central time.




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