There is some recent activity on the Atheist News group regarding podcasts, and since I haven't seen one yet (actually, I haven't spent much time looking), I thought I'd share my story and my podcasts:


I have a 1.5 hour commute each way Monday through Thursday, and instead of listening to thrash metal (or whatever's on the satellite), I listen to podcasts. I don't have time to exhaust my list of 'casts every week, so I have some that I let build up and then run through all of the archives over a week's time. Some I get to each week, and some I just don't go out of my way to listen to. This last category will likely get me banned from this site...


Weekly pods:

Every Other Week Podcasts:

Rip through the archives every month or so:


Geologic strays off topic a bit for me - that's understood - that is his signature and style, but I really don't need to listen to his mother or his advice on clothes. Others may, can and should find great mounds of valuable information from those parts of the shows, but it just bores me. I do like the "Religious Moron of the Week" segment, the "Interesting Fauna" and "Geo's Mom sings J. C. Lyrics" segments as well. I end up skipping to the next podcast when the segments that bore me pop. If I did a podcast and I had items you didn't like, I would fully expect that you would skip them as well.

I got hooked on the skeptic movement by Skeptics Guide and Skepticality. Only Skeptics Guide is still on my frequent rotation list. Kick me out now.


Anyone else have a list of podcasts they like?

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This is a great thread.  Thank you for posting it.
Great replies, all. Like preparing for a garage sale, now I have to figure out which ones to cut to make room for the others.

Update: Irreligiosophy is no longer podcasting (Chuck & Leighton hung it up over irreconcilable differences & a personal falling out)...but I've replaced it with Church of Awesome....many of them are also ex-Mormons...

(Don't know why, but ex-Mormons are some of the funniest damn atheists out there!)

The spin-off show from Irreligiosophy, "The Second Law" had a good run and is worth listening to (Joe & Emma...especially with Emma's Aussie accent), but they also seem to be on hiatus.

Don't forget the podcast feed for "Ask an Atheist" out of Tacoma, WA...they were a cable-access show in Seattle but have transitioned to an AM radio station show format...but still keep their podcast feed going, I'm pretty sure.

Know most of the main ones on the main list above.  Don't listen as often as I should.

I miss D.J. Grothe's podcast that he started when he joined seems to have gone away.  (D.J. was previously the original host of Point of Inquiry, CFI's podcast...once he stopped being the host I rather lost interest...just couldn't relate to Chris Mooney as well).

Keeping up with podcasts and atheist blogs are my favorite way to stay connected to the atheo-sphere...

Thanks for starting the thread, saw a few I hadn't heard of and will be adding them to my lineup.  I listen to podcasts about ten hours a day so its hard to keep my content fresh. My current favorite is Robert M. Price's Show "The Bible Geek" a podcast on higher biblical criticism, quite heady at times but fascinating and thought provoking.

Thanks for the lists. There are a lot here I didn't know about and will have to check out. I've got a long commute too.. Here are a few more. These are also all on stitcher, so you can stream them on the fly is you have a decent data plan:

Reason Podcast:

Josh and Paul discuss a wide variety of topics including Religion, Government, Science, all from a skeptical point of view. I also like their "You're wrong and here's why" segment where they arbitrarily select a position on a given subject and debate it to the best of their skills.

Cognitive Dissonance:

Just a couple of regular guys that talk about anything and everything again from a skeptical point of view. Not for everyone.

The Angry Atheist:

Reap Interviews various Atheists from different walks of life and discusses Atheism in general. He also hosts "Reapsowradio" with is more of a skype panel based podcast.

Inglorious Blasphemers:

Ok, I'm tired of writing descriptions now, just look it up.

The Imaginary Friends Show:

(Australian Language Only)

This Non-Religious Life: (Just Google it)

I think most are good. I mainly listen to atheist experience, ffrf, and ask an atheist (i think that's the name). I have to play devil's advocate here:) I tried listening to the oklahoma atheists godcast, and i didn't like it. I think they spent too much time talking about their spiked egg nog drinks, and going over bible passages. It seemed like a waste of time, because we already know it's bunk. I want to hear about the battles in the community. That's just my opinion on that one. I'm sure all other ones, or most of them are great. I will find out sooner or later.

I've listened to "an american atheist" and "ask an atheist". Thumbs up for both. "An American Atheist" talked about population, and the movie "idiocracy". They also spoke to michael newdow. "Ask an Atheist" spoke to james randi, but i'll have to catch it again tonight; i fell asleep. Also the opening music to "ask an atheist" is pretty neat. The bass sounds like Geddy Lee (Rush).

Love this thread.

First, let me shamelessly plug my own podcast:

Second, these are my favorites:

Atheist Experience - Theists call in and argue.  It's the cream of the crop.

Ardent Atheist - Professional entertainers who interview comics and other professional personalities.

Angry Atheist - An Atheist who interviews Atheists about whatever.  Very open format, entertaining.

Mr Deity - Funny! Short skits with god talking about stuff.  

Point of Inquiry - They have really fascinating interviews.

Sadly, I like many others but I accidentally wiped out my podcast list.  so now I'm scouring the Internet for Atheist podcast lists and came across this thread.




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