I love, love, love, The Good Atheist podcast. Jacob and Ryan crack me up, even when they're completely wrong about names, geography and history. But they're pretty good at disclosing their mistakes on their next episode and they get a good laugh out of their goof ups.

I am looking to see if there are any more podcasts out there that you guys listen to. I find myself with a lot of alone time at work lately and I'm running out of good stuff to listen to.

I've listened to Good God/No God, This American Life, humanist network news, the infidel guy, Smodcast with Kevin Smith and the Bill Maher show.

Anybody else know of some good podcasts?

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I listen to a lot of podcasts at work too. My favorite is Freethought Radio by the ffrf. I also like Skepticality, Secular Nation, The Rational Factor, WNYC's Radio Lab, The Moth, Miette's Bedtime Story, New Yorker:Fiction, StoryCorps, This I Believe, The Ethicist, Grammar Girl, The Public Speaker, Stuff You Missed In History Class....there's more, but those are the ones I listen to most.
The Atheist Experence (video or audio)
The Non Prophets
Chariots of Iron
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Astronomy Cast
Sasha's Den of Iniquity
Wait Wait... Don't tell me!
The Bugle
I adore this podcast:

and I quite like Little Atoms

and of course Ricky Gervais The Podfather of podcasting. I think he still holds the record for most downloaded podcast of all time, and most people in the US still have never heard of him.
oh, and Richard Wiseman is great, I haven't yet listened to his new podcast, but I plan to do so soon:

Thanks for the heads up on these. So far the only one I've been listening to is FFRF.com (Freedom From Religion Foundation) with Dan Barker, a former preacher, and Annie Lori Gaylor. They are primarily working to keep separation of church and state, and have filed numerous lawsuits around the country. Always have interesting, knowledgable guests too.
Reasonable Doubt is fantastic. It won the "Best podcast" award in the "Religion and Spirituality" category. Ironic isn't it?

Point of Inquiry is also great, but I'm not sure what will happen to it now that DJ Groethe has departed to James Randi Foundation
Wow, thanks for all the suggestions... off to iTunes now to start subscribing.
My week includes many hours of driving, hours that I fill with podcasts. They are the most useful, funny, informative, underrated, undercompensated, entertainment available. But that's just my opinion of my own favorite podcasts. I'm sure a lot of people still listen to commercial radio.


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