Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone can suggest any good atheist/freethought podcasts?
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have a long long flight ahead of me and I'd love to have something interesting to listen to.



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Thanks a lot mate, I'll go and get them now.

Many thanks
Hellbound Alleee's Mondo Diablo (Weird music and godless commentary)
Humanist Network News (currently on hiatus, but good shows in the archives)
The Infidel Guy
Thanks a lot. I love those podcasts.
Does anyone know how to post a response to a podcast on itunes? I really enjoy the podcast and often have a response but can't figure out how to do that.
The AMR movie show (which is currently on hiatus until May) is superb. http://www.amrentertainment.co.uk/archive.htm

Secular Nation (available via Itunes)
Atheist News (Available via Itunes)
To add I have Athiest Experience, Godless Radio and Skeptical. All of these you can find on iTunes. I find that Skeptic and Humanist as key words are often easier to find.
I also like "The Skeptics Guide to the Universe"
"The Atheist Experience"
"Freethought Radio" from FFRF
"Mr. Deity" funny
"Point of Inquiry"
"Skeptics Guide 5x5"
"Pat Condell's Godless Comedy"





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