Not counting the first 8 years (blame those on my parents - when I could think rationally I did), I have been a life-long atheist. I put that right in my profile ALWAYS. So why is it almost every message I get is from someone who claims to be an xtian? I understand it from the people who just message me with a "hi" or a "let's hook up" (they can't read big words), but from people who have an otherwise nice and interesting profile or people who obviosly read mine thoroughly..I just don't get it.

If your profile says "Christian and quite serious about it" why would you try to date an "atheist and quite serious about it"?

Do they really think they could convert me this late in the game?

Xtians make no sense to me..


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It's actually free. 

It's not atypical for people who buy into wicca/palm reading/psychics etc to be scatterbrained. :)

Plenty Of Fish is free, and not deceptive.  (OK Cupid was legit at one time as well, but has been purchased by Match so I would not trust it any more).

I got a lot of dates off of OK Cupid, and it was where I met the love of my live a year an a half ago.

I'd say it is atypical for people with a belief in wicca/palm reading/psychics, etc to NOT be scatterbrained.    Every person I've met who participated in these particular subcultures was flaky in a way which made them unsuitable for dating.  Stay away from them.

Rough or painful sex wouldn't exist if circumcision didn't exist. Circumcision is a symptom of a larger problem, the fact that religion hates sex and sex appeal. As Derel Ray explains and as I knew but hadn't thought about enough before, religious people (like my family) get really embarrassed at the mere mention of sex or body parts. They have to refer to sex with silly euphemisms such as marital relations. All my mother could say was that in order to have a kid a man and woman "get together" so I imagined my parents standing with their backs to the refregerator with a foot betwen them and barely looking at each other, then in public school sex education in 9th grade I was quite uncomfortable and thought the topic should not be discussed. But this is how religion viruses often make people think.

Rough or painful sex has nothing to do with circumcision.

Michael, you really need to let this particular topic rest for a while, on the forum and certainly in you dating life.  It is, for you, an obsession far out of proportion that is poisoning your social life.

Hey, I like genital er, I mean, gentle sex, but I don't think I used any of those words in my profile.  But then, I'm not in my 20s, either.
Apparently they either don't believe anyone can be a "serious" atheist or they think they can easily convert you.  Or, of course, they don't bother to read the entire profile.  In my case, I'm wouldn't even bother to send a message to someone who indicates on their profile that they're very religious, or don't like pets!  Seems pretty pointless to try to start something that's likely doomed to failure.
Wait... xtians made sense to you *before* that?
I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! Honestly if you are even remotely cute, you could say you were Wiccan or satanist, I don't think it would matter! There are plenty of sad people....women and men, trollin the interwebz for the sex. I honestly sometimes think that the "xtianity and somewhat serious about it" is just a way to say, I love jesus, and that makes sex with me ok....I have the same as you on my profile as well...Atheist and serious. In my profile I state very plainly that I wouldn't do well with jesus freaks, or religion. I STILL get the emails from those that are xtian and serious. I'm like can't un-ring that bell. Once you have experienced free thought, there is NO going back!!! All in all though, I HAVE been able to meet some really cool atheist guys down here in the southland! Yes they do exist!!! Now, finding one I'm attracted to, and compatible with.......that's the
Best of luck to all my single atheist friends!!
Nice new profile photo, by the way, Kelly.  Trying to attract more oblivious theists on here?  :-D
I was being quite serious with the first sentence.  Very dark and sultry.  Very sexy.




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