Not counting the first 8 years (blame those on my parents - when I could think rationally I did), I have been a life-long atheist. I put that right in my profile ALWAYS. So why is it almost every message I get is from someone who claims to be an xtian? I understand it from the people who just message me with a "hi" or a "let's hook up" (they can't read big words), but from people who have an otherwise nice and interesting profile or people who obviosly read mine thoroughly..I just don't get it.

If your profile says "Christian and quite serious about it" why would you try to date an "atheist and quite serious about it"?

Do they really think they could convert me this late in the game?

Xtians make no sense to me..


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That one can make a huge difference to a fellow vegetarian.


Also, you being psychotic can be a big plus.  She'll have a ready answer, any time you bitch about her always analyzing you.

Oh man: POF, I've gotten no less than 7 dudes--all of them Xtians, want kids(I don't), and WANTING TO BECOME PASTORS. WHAT THE HELL.


 I've also gotten the same on OKcupid but not as bad.

It's's so clear they didn't read my profile at all. I'm honestly tempted to put something offensive to xtians on it to see if I still get happy "Let's hook up" messages from xtian dudes, and if I get any angry "come to jesus" speeches at all.




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