Is there a way we could place some form of "Welcome Newbie" information on the Main page near the top of the page so that people who are new to the site and new to freethought can "Start Here" sort of saying "Welcome new freeethinker please start here to find out more about this site, its contents and meet new people"

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I think that would be very helpfull. I am new and I am like a kid in a candy store, just aimlessly wandering around, saying, "oh, thats cool" and running off in a new direction.
Oh, and hopefully not sounding to creepy, but a few pictures of young people who are members like testimonials or something like that, like saying "Hi I'm Brad I am in the 11th grade and I am an Atheist, my peers tried to stone me the other day, but I am popular with the book worms"
And in big red letters - "General Network Questions is ***NOT*** a general discussion area. If you spent 2 seconds perusing the other categories before slapping away at your keyboard you MIGHT realise there are more appropriate forums for whatever crap it is you cannot resist spraying across our screens"
Sorry I apologize, I realise, I mean realize my error I must have hit the wrong category as they are so close together on the page. I must too have been confused by the header "Discussions relating and concerning the Atheist Nexus Website." since my question seemed to be related to the "WEBSITE" and not related to other areas of discussion.

Since you seem to be an authority on what and where questions should be asked could you please suggest the most appropriate forum topic for me to post my question.

Or if you are the forum moderator could you please bump this topic to another forum that is more appropriate.

Once again I am truly sorry for offending you and hopefully in the future I will not offend others who share your pleasant open minded freethinking demeanor.
Sorry, it wasn't aimed at you - you posted correctly which is all anyone wants. This is an atheist nexus discussion concerning the site.

I just get annoyed at the constant stream of people that fill the network questions area - for issues with our networking - with chatter that other groups were created for.

My apologies if I offended you.
Ok we are all cool, it seemed like I was getting flamed by you. Thanks for the clarification.
I gave up flaming 10 years ago - its boring. You'd have to do something superhuman to get me that riled again. It was just something that needs to be included in an intro pack if one is created - that people familiarise themselves with the forum structure before posting. My suggestion was an exaggeration of what I meant.
There's a fine example there now -

Group: General Network Questions
Post: Auto Industry Bail Out
This sounds like a good idea.




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