After seeing the muscari eaten, and some fig twigs eaten, I've been thinking about what to plant to avoid deer / rabbit / vole damage.  They don't touch Helleborus or Narcissus or Laburnum.

Which led me to think about poisonous plants.  Turns out, a lot of what I grow is poisonous.  Rhubarb leaves.  Tomato and potato leaves.  The above mentioned Helleborus, Narcissus, and Laburnum.

Add to that, I put in some Lily of the Valley last weekend, also on them list.

Top 10 Poisonous plants

Wikipedia list of Poisonous plants.

Aggie Horticulture.

I also planted Anemones last fall, now showing green leaves.  We already have daphnes, rhododendrons, cherries, lupines, oleander...  lots of toxic plants.


Is that cat dead?

Wicked Plants.  The weed that killed lincoln's mother.

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We have a unique situation - when my gf and I decided to move in together, my 3 adult cats all the sudden were in a house with 2 big adult dogs, neither of which were accustomed to the other, and they all want to eat or slash each other to death.  Therefore, the cats live in the basement floor separated from the rest of the house, where the dogs (and plants) live, and we spend time randomly between the two sets of animals.  However, in the morning I get up before everyone else for work, so I let the cats up to roam around the house for about 15 minutes while the dogs are secured in the bedroom.  They are serious creatures of habit, and this appears to be the highlight of their day.  While I am preparing their food, they are sneaking around eating the plants.

Vegetables are in fact not healthy: plants don't like to be eaten. That's why vegetables have developed all sorts of toxines, to protect themselves against mammals, insects and birds. Most vegetables contain too little toxines to make us ill, but they contain toxines nevertheless - and these toxines help us to be healthy. They activate the defenses of our cells, and teach our cells to be alert to more dangerous toxines that are produced as a spin-off of our metabolism.

From De Voedselzandloper by Kris Verburgh M.D. - a book on health and food.




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