I have a generally well behaved Christian FB friend and she posted "what do my Christian friends think of Pokemon cards" because some of her kids church friends were making fun of them for using them. Keep in mind these are people that have a get together at church on Halloween so they can have godly fun and are not tempted. 


A few people including me posted that it wasn't a big deal and were more on the other kids that were shaming and teasing then then anything. Then this lady wrote--- FUNNY!


"I even put it into my daycare contract with the parents- no Pokemon, or Scooby Do. I'm not going to debate it, so please don't write back to me. I'm not up for discussion. But I will tell you how I feel about it, cause you are asking. My church believes that they are demonic and God HAS shown ME they are demonic. I have seen bad things happen to my child who was given cards. I ALWAYS ASK GOD TO SHOW ME THINGS. And this one he has! My church said they are spirits NOT from GOd-( I kept this in the back of my mind). And the bible teaches us, that we should only have things that do with God and never without him. When these items have snuck into my house, I kid you not- something bad has happened.... but I have found the cards later. say, in a jeans pocket or somewhere in the house. One time, my hubby was cleaning out a used car that he just bought- a fortune teller card, fell out of his big pile that he was caring to the trash. This card fell out into my living room, face down. I didn't pick it up when I saw something laying there. Figured I'd get it in the morning. At 2am, the upstairs bathroom - the water turned on FULL blast. I thought maybe one of the kids had an accident or something, and was washing off. I got up- and all was asleep. I believe these things carry power. I just turned down a babysitter watching my 5 year old because her kids play with Pokemon. I won't let me kids get near it. Sorry- but this is what has been shown to me. Again, I'm not up for debate."


I'm not a big fan of Pokemon or Scooby Do but for other reasons. Seems like god is making her more superstitios and paranoid then is healthy, huh. Ignore it lady.


I re-read that and laugh, how can she function being that freaky about things?

Please don't repost it anywhere, you know how things get around. Thanks!

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I'll confess that I considered not allowing my son to watch the live action Scooby Doo movies, but only because I thought they would be awful. I didn't stop him and he decided on his own they were bad...so we stick with the older cartoon version (good stuff...pretty "skeptical" show actually). I didn't want him to get into Pokemon either, but only because I didn't understand it at all. But he did, and I still don't understand them..and surprise, surprise...nothing bad has happened. Makes me sad for her kids.
Apparently she was born under a bad sign ... the sign was an arrow pointing at her head and saying, "VACANCY."
I would have to agree with Loren.  It's sad that someone would believe that way.  I know a lot of chrisitans who will not celebrate Halloween because they think it's satanic or demonic.

I seriously find it sad that someone would think mass-produced cards of cutesy make-believe animals would possibly be demonic. Pfft. I kinda wish she wasn't crazy but it was true. I'd love to have my own flaming unicorn (Rapidash) to ride around on. Or a giant flaming dog to keep the drunk creeps from hitting on me. Growlithe, I choose you. Growlithe, use flame wheel on the guy who's trying to molest me. XD

I can actually understand why she wouldn't like Scooby-Do, because it actually has a pretty skeptical theme. Something appears to supernatural, but when investigated closely it always turns out to have a perfectly rational and non-mystical explanation. (well, rational for a kid's cartoon anyway). So naturally, its the work of Satan and it turns children into rampaging soulless deviants.


Yeah the truth frightens her, so the truth must be DEMONIC :F


Ultimately even if there are things we would now consider 'supernatural' they are either the product of intellegence and hence not 'natural' or there is some natural process we are simply not aware of. Any significantly advanced technology will appear to be like magic. 


P.S I watched schooby-do, wanted to watch sailor moon (but I knew people would disapprove so I didn't) and I was a hardcore fan of Pokemon in grades 4-6, just like my brothers (who made a couple of their own Pokemon & cards), and the entire student body at Wishart elementary school... until Pokemon was banned from the school grounds, after that it suddenly became 'uncool.'


It is amazing how inept the teachers were/are they never did realize that if they married game design with education they could achieve unheard-of interest and results... and it was staring them in the face. Of course even if a teacher did listen to my idea and take me seriously, the way the system works innovation in education is pretty much impossible.

I'm speechless!  Scooby Do!!!  It's like a story!!!  And when Scrappy Do (the little one) talks I suppose he's possessed?!!  I couldn't write WTF enough times on here!  There are serious problems in the world, REAL ISSUES like extreme poverty, and she's worried about Scooby Do being satanic!!  Satan isn't even real!  and neither is Scooby Do!). Tragic, funny in part yet so tragic.
I was helping a friend once, whose house had burnt to the ground. She was temporarily moving into a "church" donated house for a couple of weeks until she could get back on her feet and get a new home of her own. When the "church lady" gave her the keys, she said she could watch anything on TV she liked, except for horror or science fiction movies. When I asked why not (and I am NOT making this up) she said, "It will let demons and devils in the house." As I was looking through the place, I noticed biblical passages hanging all over the place. My favorite was on the wall opposite the toilet. John 8:32. I thought to myself, "No shit." (Every pun intended).



(gasp) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I use to work as a character actor for a well-known theme park company. During this time I was dating a girl who had distanced herself from her family because of her VERY religious ISLAMIC father. On one of the visits we had from her mother, I had mentioned what i did for a living, along with a couple of the characters I performed.


About 3 weeks later, her mother and sister visited again, and it turned out the father was now even more angry at me since finding out this information, he felt it against Islam to take the form or a dog, which was deemed unclean in islamic culture.


So no "Scooby dooby dooo" for YOU, you infidel.  :)

Now I know why my kids and I turned out atheist....I grew up watching Scooby Do and my kids watched the re-runs...they both were into the Pokemon craze.  Personally, I never really understood its appeal but was completely supportive and listened to endless discussions about all the Pokemon 'powers' and 'weaknesses' and how they would evolve from one creature to another creature... the amount of information my kids knew about Pokemon amazed me.  They never even really played the card game...they just collected 'rare' cards and made money at rummage sales off their unwanted stuff! Kids would trade cards at school...until it was 'outlawed' as being 'disruptive'.  I never heard this superstitious crap, however....that the cards are somehow 'evil' or dangerous to the 'soul'.  That's a new one for me.  I saw it as a harmless craze and as marketing GENIUS.




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