Police chief ejects nonbeliever for not standing for prayers or pledge


The shit from the Greece decision is starting to hit the fan.  In the above case, police, many of whom see themselves as defenders of the faith and super patriots, ejected a man for not standing during the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance at an official government meeting.  This is something I have been anticipating from the Greece decision and something we all are  going to have to confront.  My current feeling is that atheists should go to these meetings en masse and all refuse to stand with some of us having concealed video cameras to capture what transpires. We should not sit as a single group but distribute ourselves through the audience so that we present ourselves as independent citizens (which we in fact are).

If you are part of an atheist group, please report to your group these plans and try to organize such an action.


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Honestly, this doesn't surprise me at all.  Places like Greece want to give lip service to diversity and tolerance while maintaining their prejudice against atheists or anyone who doesn't conform with the supposed "norm."  Frankly, I smell another lawsuit coming, and if it were me, I'd be asking for punitive damages.  If the only way to get these idiots to learn is to hit them in their pocketbook, then that's what you do.

That group is planning to go en masse and stay seated.  Let's be ready with bail or whatever they need.

I agree with De De girl. I think it's just the beginning.

According to a First Amendment newsletter I read, the Eleventh Circuit (the strange name given to federal appellate courts), whose rulings affect Florida and nearby states, held a few months ago that people cannot be compelled to participate in the Pledge.

The issue will go to SCOTUS only on appeal or if another circuit rules differently.




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