Anglicare (the charity wing of the Anglican Church in Australia) gets $50 million per year from the Government on the proviso that the money is used to help the poor and needy.

Then the Archbishop of Adelaide learned that the Anglican Church had to pay huge sums of cash in compensation to victims of Anglican pedophiles, but he wasn't too keen on using church money for that, so he asked Anglicare to give him the cash.

Anglicare said it wouldn't look too good on the books if money destined for good works was being used to pay off Church debts.

Th Archbishop "acknowledged the legal advice and then pushed for alternative ways to obtain financial support from Anglicare." Police are investigating...

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Stephen: they may have missed reading this part of their Bibles.

Doubt it. What's great with the Bible is you can support any point and its opposite.
Hypothetical conversation.
This money must be used on needy children.
Oh don't worry, the children will need it in compensation after we're done with them.

This makes me a bit sick.
Are they seriously considering using taxpayer money to pay off the children they molest?
Self serving Christian sophistry is legend:


The word 'usury' actually means the lending of money at interest. That was accepted throughout Christendom for centuries. Today apologists claim it means 'unreasonable interest' (first defined in England by the usury act in the C17th)

A few years ago a senior person at Westminster school,London was asked how the school reconciles its current practices with its charter of providing education to poor children.

Quick as a flash,with straight face,the guy explained; "the children are still poor,it's their parents who are rich' (I kid you not)




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