Police: Man raped woman he met on Christian dating website

Just thought this was news worthy - you have to be very careful online.

(CNN) -- A California man is accused of raping a woman he met on a Christian dating website -- and police fear there may be other victims.

Sean Banks, 37, met the victim on the matchmaking website Christianmingle.com, where he went by the user name "Raritiy," La Mesa Police said in a statement.

Banks used three additional online identities -- "Rylan," "Rylan Butterwood" and "Rylan Harbough" -- and police said they are concerned "there may have been more cases with other women."

ChristianMingle touts a safety section that includes a warning to avoid contact with members who cannot take "no" for an answer.

Police: Rape suspect prowled dating site

The site is cooperating with the investigation, CNN affiliate KSWB reported.

Banks was arrested February 11 and has been booked on two rape charges in the incident as well as one count of residential burglary, police said.

He has pleaded not guilty and is free on his own recognizance after posting $500,000 bail.

Who's who on the Internet? Who knows


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Terrible story.  We live in such an unsafe world.   There is a long list of "Internet Homicides" .  I imagine the christian websites would not be immune.

Sentient thanks for the link - will check out that link.

Steph, thanks for sharing this priceless bit of news, i.e., you don't know who's who on the Internet, EVEN IF they say they're Christian.  I guess "Find God's Match for You" (christianmingle's tagline) doesn't mean God's going to screen out the predators.

In the recent election, did the media ignore the repub candidate who was telling us god intended us to be prey?

Exactly Alan - god is obviously not taking care of his flock.

The guy looks like a creep and that's what I expect you would find on a Christian site.

Nonetheless, we should be fair to him because accusations do not always lead to conviction in the criminal courts.

Bear in mind the victim is likely to be a creep too.

Agreed booklover - creeps are everywhere.
I agree completely booklover. I was thinking that the Xtians think god is protecting them and feel safe when they should be careful.

Steph, this is a CLASSIC example of misplaced religious trust.  Faith in God gets you exactly nowhere, as in the rest of life, and could make you vulnerable to a lot of trouble.  If anybody thinks, "Oh boy, I'm going to meet Christians just like me, how nice"...they're babes in the woods and deserve whatever they get.

Alan, where's your empathy?

No one deserves being scammed, although being scammed might persuade one to pay more attention.


OK, OK, here's an empathy emoticon :(

But a reasonable amout of skepticism must developed, lest one be exploited.  Internet pretenders/predators have been old news for 20 years now.  Is a stranger now  squeaky clean and beyond reproach just because he says he's a Christian?  Besides, men have no doubt used Jesus to get into women's pants long before the Internet.

Growing up means not falling for scams and cons while becoming more skeptical and cautious. That is why religion is so dangerous; it has simplistic answers for complex problems, and a promised rescuer who doesn't rescue. 




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